Paul Hewitt on GT Win over UTC

Georgia Tech's basketball team made the short trip up interstate 75 last night to take on UT Chattanooga. The Jackets came away with a 95-64 win and got some important contributions off the bench along with twenty nine points from Gani Lawal as they cruised to an easy win. Coach Paul Hewitt talks about the win after last night's game.

How about the post play tonight?

"They're good players. When we establish both Gani (Lawal) and Derrick (Favors) we have a chance to be a very good team. If we don't respect what we have there we can look pretty sloppy at times."

In games earlier in the year you had trouble finishing out the last three or four minutes of the first half. Tonight was a different story.

"Yeah, Mo Miller and Nick Foreman came off the bench and gave us great energy defensively and settled us down. Our freshmen in their first road game played like freshmen. I don't think Derrick was particularly assertive in the post. He had five turnovers. Brian (Oliver) wasn't his normal self. Mfon (Udofia) had four turnovers. I think the physical play and the intensity the home team played with kind of caught those guys by surprise. I thought Nick, Mo, and of course Gani was tremendous in getting us to settle down and just to play."

Gani gets nineteen at the line. I guess that's what you've been looking for?

"I'll take it. I don't know if we'll get it every time but I'll take it."

How is Zach Peacock's knee?

"He banged it pretty early in the game. He was going for a loose ball and skinned it up pretty good. It was sore and we felt that with two more games coming up this week it was better to rest him and get him healthy for the game this Wednesday and certainly on Sunday."

Were you trying to get the more experienced guys in early in the game?

"I wanted those young guys because they've been playing really well for us and they're going to have to continue to play well for us but I didn't think Brian was there. One of the things we keep saying is the best guys are going to play. Everyone keeps talking about all the depth we have. I've said it before bodies doesn't equal depth; production equals depth. Today we had good depth. Nick Foreman, Mo Miller, and Glen Rice were very productive off the bench. That allowed me to play another guy when Glen comes off the bench and knocks out three three's in the first half you don't need to play Brian at that point if he's not going to be into the game."

This looked like the Mo Miller that we used to see.

"I was telling my staff the other day that you look around the sports world and you see kids that have concussions. They're never quite right. You look at the football season and some of the guys around the country in basketball and I think he's getting healthy again. He's starting to be much more assertive."

Did you expect them to play as much man to man as they did?

"I thought they would. We were prepared for zone. We went over zone this morning in our walk-through. We thought they would play man to man and play like a home team especially early in the year; be very physical and really up into you. They got up into us and we didn't respond well early on. We had nineteen turnovers and our freshmen had eleven between them."

Where do you feel you're at now with the press?

"We're not in synch yet. We're not working together. If we're trapping the backline guy should be looking to step up for steals. We're trapping and the backline guy is too far back so what's the point of trapping? The matchups don't concern me. The other thing that concerns me is that if we do trap we open it up and they end up splitting it and they can make a pass ahead and that leads to problems because you're four against five then." Top Stories