Ardossi: "Defense is our main philosophy"

Lady Jacket Brigitte Ardossi provided the spark needed to propel Georgia Tech to an 89-41 win over the Mississippi Valley State Devilettes. Ardossi talked about halftime adjustments that led to the second half rout and the prospect of playing four games in the next eight days.

The team came out with a lot of energy at the beginning of each half?

"Yeah, Coach (MaChelle Joseph) really emphasized, coming off our loss to Georgia, that we really have to be energetic and make sure everybody was ready for this game. She said everybody must be ready and there was going to be a lot of players coming off the bench."

What was the difference in the second half when you finally busted the game open?

"We came into the locker room and we regrouped. We emphasized talking on offense. We had a bit of lack of offensive execution. Defensively we gave up too many easy points and we needed to buckle down and close our traps. We came out there and executed that."

The guards were getting the ball inside a little better in the second half?

"Yeah, that was definitely the emphasis this week in practice. We knew we were coming up against a smaller team. We knew it was an opportunity for our post players to dominate."

With three players in double figures off the bench, how important is that?

"It's extremely important. We're not relying on one or two players this year like we did in the past. We now rely on everybody playing their role and doing what they do to the best of their ability. Part of that is we need people coming off the bench and getting double figures in scoring. Chelsea (Regins) and Nisha (LaQuananisha Adams) really provided that for us."

How important is it to have a backup guard like Serena Taylor and backup post players like Adams and Regins?

"It's a great blessing that we have Serena. She's a very talented point guard and Chelsea and Nisha really worked hard this summer to come out stronger and with more confidence. I think that's showing on the court."

You must have confidence that you can wear teams down in the second half with your press?

"Our defense is our main philosophy. We rely on our defense to keep us in games. Once we get to that point we wear them down with our traps and our pressing."

You have four games in the next eight days. How's the conditioning of the team?

"The conditioning is really good. There's a little bit of a sinus infection going around. One day in Atlanta its sixty degrees and the next day it's like twenty. Everybody gets to run a lot in practice so condition wise we're in great shape so we're looking forward to these next four games." Top Stories