Mo Miller: "I just played hard"

Mo Miller has struggled through two injury plagued seasons. The team got off to a slow start against UT Chattanooga on Monday. Mo was inserted into the lineup to settle the team down and his play ignited the team. Mo met with us before practice Tuesday to talk about the breakout game, the mixture of experience and youth on the team, and how he is progressing.

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How did it feel to get the minutes you got Monday night?

"It felt real good honestly. I just played hard. The coach saw I was doing well and he kept me out there."

With the way the game started you might have felt you had a chance to play early?

"I'm ready whenever. I know Coach (Paul Hewitt) wants things done and when people are not doing what they're supposed to be doing."

He's looking for production from the bench.

"We did really well overall bench wise. Glen Rice came in and hit three threes. I contributed in different ways. The bench was very productive last night."

You and Nick Foreman hooked up on some nice passes last night.

"We did. He's always running and I like to get it out in transition. I've learned him and he's learned me so we pretty much know where each other is going to be before I even get the ball."

Do you feel like you're all the way back now?

"I feel pretty good. It can get better but right now I feel pretty good and can play whenever and just keep playing. The more I play the better my condition will get."

Will this week be a good test with three games in a week?

"It will but with our having leadership and guys like me having been through it before I don't think it will be too much of a problem. We know what to expect and what to do in pretty much every situation that there is."

You have a good mix of veterans and freshmen on the team. I guess last night was a good example of how that helps?

"You have to come it down and you have to be poised. That's one thing you can tell them but you have to learn on your own. That was the first road game. You keep telling them that it's a different atmosphere. We haven't even gotten into the ACC games yet which is going to get like ten times worse than it was last night."

You've faced a lot of guard oriented teams. Is that preparing you and the other guards for the ACC?

"We're getting prepared but just with the guards we have on this team, every practice is competitive. We're getting after it and chasing each other. You kind of get used to it because you go through it every day."

I imagine you like playing in this offense where you can really push the ball?

"I love it. It's easy to get easy buckets. You don't have to work and set up plays sometimes. You get it and go. With Gani Lawal and Derrick Favors running the floor they create for all of us. With them running down the lane I just take it and pitch it and make the accurate read and we make easy buckets."

With Gani and Derrick underneath is it still necessary for the guards to help out with the rebounding?

"It's still necessary but it allows us to play free at times. What I mean by that is we can take chances with Gani and Fav. In the ACC with the players boxing out and taking care of their assignments it makes it easy for us to come down there and get the rebound and run."

Have you had a chance to take a look at Arkansas-Pine Bluff?

"We have film so we'll watch it at least five times before we play tomorrow. We'll go over the scouting report so we'll be ready."

They've given teams like Michigan, Arizona State, and Oklahoma State better battles than some expected.

"I actually looked at the scouting report and saw that they played those teams close. You can't take people lightly especially in college basketball. Anybody can get beat on any given day. You just have to come out and play hard and do what is expected and get the win." Top Stories