Gani Lawal - We'll All Be Ready

Before Tuesday's practice for the Florida State game we met with Gani Lawal to get his thoughts on Florida State, their inside game, and what to expect from freshman Derrick Favors.

What are your thoughts about Florida State?

"Up front they are a real good team. Their long and athletic and have a real good big man in Solomon Alabi so it should be fun."

How much does last years final game against them play into this year's game?

"It doesn't play a role. We try to forget about that and leave last year last year. It was an unfortunate situation. This Florida State team is a little different. Each year teams change. We're going to start looking at film, practicing, and getting prepared."

Does Florida State play an inside out game?

"We haven't really started looking at film but I can imagine. Solomon and (Chris) Singleton are pretty long and athletic and the freshman (Michael Snaer) he's pretty good so they're a good team."

How does their inside game change what you have to do?

"You just have to be more aggressive. You have to use aggressive moves. Their ability to block shots is tremendous. You have to go in there and be aggressive."

Solomon took over the game against Auburn with some blocks. I guess you have to keep going at him?

"Around the rim you have to try to slam everything and draw fouls. If you put the ball in his face it's going to be blocked. He's 7'1".

Do you think this might be the best inside team you've played?

"Every game you play in the ACC and every team you play has solid bigs. You have Trevor Booker, Solomon Alabi, Al Farouq Aminu, and guys like that so night in and night out you're going to be playing against good big men."

Do you think you'll face less double and triple teams Sunday?

"I don't know. They may run some gimmick defense. I don't know what their plan is. I really can't answer that. I'm not sure how they're going to try and play us. You have to be prepared for the double-team at all times. "

I hear there will be a lot of scouts at the game?

"That's the ACC for you. That doesn't surprise me. In my opinion the ACC is the best conference in America. During all conference games it's going to be like that."

I guess it's important to get off to a good start in the ACC?

"Every ACC game is important. Every game is important whether it's game number one or game number sixteen. The fact that this is the first one we want to come out with a good start and get that 1-0."

Derrick (Favors) doesn't seem to be phased by the whole thing?

"Derrick honestly just wants to play basketball. He doesn't really care about other stuff. He doesn't read magazines or any of that he just plays basketball. He's a simple guy that's why I love him so much. You get a lot of cats that are reading all the magazines and thinking I'm better than him. None of that matters to him. Derrick just wants to go out there and play hard and dominate which he is going to do."

So I guess you could say he's not going to be rattled in a situation like this?

"No, he's going to be ready. We'll all be ready." Top Stories