Will Jackson: "It's going to be a blast"

Freshman offensive linemen entered Georgia Tech as a highly touted lineman. He's nearing the end of his redshirt freshman season as the Jackets prepare for the Orange Bowl. Will talks about his season on the scout team, how he'll be getting ready for spring ball and how excited he is to be heading down to Miami.

Will Jackson - Profile

You're nearing the end of your redshirt year. How has the year been for you?

"It's gone by a lot faster than I thought it would. In high school, you play ten to fifteen games max. Here I guess we've been going about twenty weeks. I thought it would seem like years but it's gone by real fast. Scout team has been real beneficial to me and I've been working on techniques that Coach (Todd) Spencer and Coach (Mike) Sewak have taught me. I've gotten a lot stronger and have reshaped my body a little bit to help me for spring ball."

Have you zeroed in on one position yet?

"I've been playing primarily guard. I think that's where I'll start out at in the spring unless something changes. I think I'll probably be sticking there for a while."

Four players will be leaving the program from the offensive line. I guess that gives you some excitement about making the two deep next year?

"Oh yeah, even if nobody was leaving I'd still work hard and do whatever I could to help the team. I'm just going to do the best I can and whatever happens will happen."

I hear you've had a successful year in the weight room?

"I think I've been doing pretty well. I've learned a lot of new techniques in all the lifts. Coach (Eric) Ciano has been real helpful. I think my weight has gone up in bench, squat, and clean. I've reshaped my body and have dropped some body fat. I've probably lost five to seven pounds over the course of the season. I look bigger which is always good. Right now I'm about 282."

Knowing that you're not going to play, how do you approach game day?

"It's been an adjustment because I've been playing football since I was thirteen or fourteen. Ever since I've played, I've always started or played a lot so it's definitely been new to me standing on the sidelines. I've looked at it as an opportunity to step back and observe to soak in the warm-ups and pre-games and what everyone does to get focused for the game so I can use that next year."

Has there been any one person that has guided you through the whole process?

"I'd say everybody. All the older offensive linemen have been real helpful. They're there whenever I need a helping hand with anything or to answer questions. Pretty much all the seniors in general have been real helpful."

It seems like the offensive line is a close-knit group?

"We're real close and we take care of one another. We're like a little family within the team."

Are you looking forward to the trip to Miami?

"I cannot wait to get to Miami. It's going to be a blast."

Before the season started, is this where you expected the team to be?

"I was hoping we'd go undefeated and be in Pasadena for the national championship. You can't complain with being in the ACC championship game and playing in the Orange Bowl. That's definitely quite an accomplishment."

How have you adjusted to campus life outside of football?

"It's been great. Obviously Tech is a real tough school but academically I finished up with a 3.5 this semester. I was pretty excited about that. There were a lot of time management skills that I had to learn but besides that, it really wasn't too tough of an adjustment."

What will your regimen be between now and spring ball?

"I'll just work as hard as I can in the weight room and running conditioning wise. Try to get in top shape for spring ball and show what I can do."

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