Shawn Green Takes GT Official Visit

Grayson defensive tackle Shawn Green made his official visit to Georgia Tech this weekend. Shawn was one of two weekend visitors. Green was joined by the most recent Yellow Jacket commit Quayshawn Nealy.

Shawn Green - Profile

How did your official visit go this weekend?

"It went very well. My Mom and Dad came with me and they were very impressed with Georgia Tech and what they have to offer in academics. I also met Georgia Tech's newest commit in Quayshawn Nealy. I helped show him some things around Tech too when we were together. He looks to be a great player for us. It was a very good trip and we enjoyed every bit of it. The only thing was I had to take some time out of the trip to practice for the all-star game I am playing in this year but that is something I am looking forward to playing in."

What did you get to do on the trip?

"We toured the campus and got a first hand look at what the football players have to do in dealing with playing football and going to classes at Georgia Tech. The players have to really make some sacrifices. We had a chance to meet the coaches and they talked about everything. They talked about playing football and going to classes at Tech and what to expect and talked about what they expect from me as a player and student. It was good to have some talks with the coaches."

What did the coaches have to say to you about you coming in to play football?

"They are real excited about my play. They feel I can make a good impact on the defensive line. The coaches told me that I am playing on the inside along side of Denzel McCoy. They are looking for big things from us two."

Did you try and get a number assigned while you were there?

"I tried to get number 94 but the coaches said that Izaan Cross has a good hold onto that number so I'll have to see what is open when I get there this summer."

Did you get to see some things that you didn't already know about Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I did. I got to see some new areas and see the third floor where they hold team meetings. I didn't know that floor was there. I saw some new buildings and got to see places I didn't get to see when on game-day trips. It was nice to be able to see the whole campus and not be in a rush to do it in a short time."

What was the most exciting part of the visit to you?

"To be honest the whole trip was exciting to me. The best part of it was to know what type of players we have coming in and coming back next year. We have an excellent chance at National Championship with what we have coming back and the players coming for the next few years. That is exciting just to think about it."

Are you holding a signing day function on National Signing Day?

"Yes sir I am. I plan on having a ceremony around 2:00 to 2:30 that afternoon. I know I'll officially sign my LOI early but will hold the ceremony later that afternoon.

Dale's Take:

Shawn was very excited about the trip this weekend to Georgia Tech. He knows that he has some great teammates coming in with him and some great teammates coming back next season. He says the team has the desire and work ethic in place to contend for a National Championship and that is some things he is really looking forward to at Georgia Tech. Just talking with Shawn you get the feeling that he will be a great asset to Georgia Tech as a player and a person. Top Stories