Zach Peacock: "It's Disappointing"

Following a disappointing overtime loss to Florida State we met with senior forward Zach Peacock to talk about the game and what they need to do to get ready to play Kennesaw State on Tuesday afternoon.

How disappointing is the loss after you played well down the stretch to tie the game and send it into overtime?

"Losing is just losing. It's disappointing. Me and my team don't agree with it. I don't think the way I played put more emphasis on the loss. I didn't play too well."

You expended a lot of energy down the stretch. Did that have any effect in the overtime?

"I don't think it played a role at all. I think I'm in very good shape thanks to Coach (Paul) Hewitt. I don't think that had anything to do with it."

The freshmen had a tough game. Is this one that they can take and use the experience moving forward?

"Definitely, this was their first ACC game. I think they'll take a look at this and learn a lot from it and use it to help them in the games moving forward."

Did you start shooting because of the game situation?

"I was shooting because of what the defense gave us. I was just taking the open shot."

How do you put the brakes on in the ACC?

"We put the brakes on by putting this game behind us. We'll watch film and learn from our mistakes and then put the game behind us. We'll then play the way we're supposed to play."

They let you play a lot with the physical play underneath. Is that the way you saw it?

"Me personally, the way that we were allowed to play was great. They let us bang and do all that. I love that."

I guess shooting-wise tonight was just one of those nights for Brian?

"Like I said before this was his first ACC game. Now, he can see what the ACC is all about and the players he'll have to face every night. We'll let this one slide by."

Did the crowd give you some energy down the stretch?

"Thanks to our fans. They were out there supporting us. I appreciate that."

Did you feel like you had to step up to help the team?

"I don't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary. Whatever came to me was what came to me."

Can you talk about the two plays where the ball went off the top of the backboard and the layup following the missed foul shot when we didn't box out?

"I think I need to go home and read the basketball manual. I didn't know you can play that off the top of the backboard. That hurt our momentum. Not boxing out hurt our momentum. I felt we did a good job of trying to come back at them."

Was there a different kind of feel to this game being the first ACC game of the year?

"Definitely, any conference game is going to be high energy and emotion. I would say that was the only difference from other games."

There seemed to be some lapses in getting back on defense?

"There seemed to be some miscommunication among our guards. When the one shoots the two and three are supposed to get back. Everybody is focused on getting the rebound and they don't think the one shot and the two and three have to get back. That's just miscommunication and something we have to work on and get better." Top Stories