Coach Hewitt Following Kennesaw State Game

Georgia Tech entertained the Kennesaw State Owls Tuesday afternoon. Behind a fifty three point second half, Zach Peacock's eight for eight shooting, and eight assists by Mo Miller, the Jackets breezed to an eighty to fifty five win. We met with Coach Paul Hewitt after the game to get his thoughts on the win.

Coach Hewitt talked about the lack of execution to start the game, taking some ill-advised shots, and the better play in the second half.

Did Mo (Miller) make a case for getting more minutes at the point?

"Yeah, he did. There is no door that is closed to anybody on the team. I've said from the beginning the best guys are going to play. With a performance like today you're going to see him play more minutes. It has to be earned. You have to go out there and get loose balls, defend, make smart plays, and keep us organized. Watching tape against Florida State one thing I might have done different is give him a couple of more minutes instead of Mfon (Udofia) playing forty one minutes. He did keep us organized. I think Mo also realized there were some situations where we were competing for lose balls and he just didn't come up with them. You play against teams that are big and strong and physical in hard fought games it's not for guys that are going to flinch when the contact is made. One thing I've gotten accustomed to with Mfon is that he's going to put his face in there and go get the ball."

Nick Foreman seems like he's another one of those type guys?

"He does and Nick also knows that. He did better at that last year than this year."

Did you feel like you took care of business today the way you should have?

"We went hard yesterday in practice on half court execution and for us to come out on the first play and do what we did is disappointing."

Where you surprised by Zach's shooting?

"No, Zach's a good player. We've been telling Zach to be more aggressive since the Dayton game. We told him he hadn't taken a three and he goes out there and goes ten for eleven or something like that. He's a very, very good player. He's a guy you don't have to worry about in terms of details. He's going to box out all the time. He's going to run the floor hard all the time. He's going to execute the plays pretty much all the time. If I could get everyone to play at the same level of concentration as him, then there's no telling what this team is capable of accomplishing."

(Derrick) Favors struggled a little in the first half?

"I think people forget that he's a freshman. He's getting used to playing against bigger bodies. I watched tape with him the other night. I asked him if that was the most physical game you've ever been in and he said yes. The thing that is great about Derrick is that he doesn't listen to any outside distortion. He listens to you as a coach and he's going to work to get better. The untrained eye looks at Derrick and says how could he miss that shot? We know as trained eyes that he's getting adjusted to college basketball."

Did the defense get the offense kick-started today?

"Yes, I think we're really a good defensive team. We could not have played better defense against Dayton. We threw it away with sloppy offense by not executing stuff. It's similar to the other night. Florida State shot twenty four percent in the first half and fifty four points for the game. You've got to win that game. You hold a team to fifty four points at home you have to win that game. We can guard but as the competition steps up it's going to have to be more than just guarding."

What do you have to do to make the offense more dynamic?

"When we move the ball and take good shots. (Turning to Brian Oliver) Do you think learning the plays and executing the plays would be a good start? We had a pop quiz at halftime."

Brian Oliver: "I'm glad he didn't call on me. He asked people to go to the blackboard and draw up the plays and show how everything is supposed to work. I'm sitting there thinking please don't call on me."

What was the difference for you tonight Brian?

"I was upset with the Florida State game. My shot wasn't falling. That really did bother me. Coming into tonight I figured that if it's an open shot take it. I got good looks. Even in transition when I had good looks I slowed down because everyone has been telling me to just slow down a little bit. Move the ball around and try to get better looks for yourself." Top Stories