Mfon Udofia: "Keeping the intensity up"

The life of a freshman point guard can be one with ups and downs. Mfon Udofia had one of those up games as the Jackets defeated Winston-Salem State Tuesday afternoon. Moo led the Jackets with seventeen points and came out and gave the team the energy that Coach Paul Hewitt was looking for to start the game.

Mfon Udofia - Profile

You had a good shooting day today.

"I felt like I was in the right place at the right time. I had kick-outs, open shots, getting to the basket, and pulling up. I felt like I was in the right place at the right time."

Will having you and Mo (Miller) out there at the same time cause some match-up problems for the other teams?

"Yeah, I think so because we're really fast and get the ball from whoever gets the rebound or the kick-out and push it and just run and go up and down."

How did you feel about the team's performance?

"We played alright. We could have played better. We played in stretches. One stretch we played good and one stretch we played bad. I feel we need to play good the whole game. We have to be consistent the whole game. That's one thing we need to work on is keeping our intensity up the whole game."

How did you feel about your performance today?

"I just had to bounce back. I don't have to score points as long as I play great defense and play hard and do whatever my team needs me to do to win a game that's what I'm going to do. If I have to score points, if I have to get assists, if I have to get rebounds, or get steals I'm going to do whatever it takes."

It seems like the backcourt players did a better job of helping out with the rebounding?

"The big guys were boxing out. If they box out, I feel I can sneak in there and get the rebounds. That's all I was doing was sneaking in there and getting rebounds and loose balls."

I guess that helps getting the break going too?

"Yeah, when I get the rebound, we're already in the break."

How will things be when Iman Shumpert comes back?

"We'll be that much better. He'll go straight into the lineup. It doesn't matter if me or Mo goes to the bench. It doesn't matter as long as we play hard and get the job done."

What do you see with Nick Foreman when he gets into the game?

"When Nick gets into the game, he just does his job. He's undersized but he's getting rebounds over bigger guys, running the floor, diving for loose balls and turning his man on defense. He's doing his job like a couple of years back with Mario West. When he came in the game they got the same exact thing. With Nick, he's just taking over the Mario West instincts as a walk-on coming in and playing really, really hard. I feel like everyone on the team has to match that intensity. Top Stories