Iman Shumpert: "A good feeling getting back"

After sitting out six games with a knee injury, Iman Shumpert is anxious to get back on the court against Charlotte. Iman will get that chance Saturday. How much he plays will depend on his conditioning. Iman talked with us about what it was like sitting out those games and what he expects when he gets back on the court.

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You've been out six games. Are you anxious to get back in there?

"Definitely, even being able to practice a full practice is a lot of excitement for me."

How do you feel about your conditioning?

"It's going to come back. I don't expect to be able to play a full game or play thirty minutes right off the bat but I don't expect it to be that hard either. Going up and down in practice you get back in shape eventually."

You've had a chance to sit on the bench and watch the team. What is your impression of how they've been playing?

"I think we've been play well. I think at times we're not attacking the paint enough. I think we've been playing well but we have to cut down on some of the turnovers; a lot of that I'll be able to help out with just having a year under my belt. I'll be able to come back and help Moo (Mfon Udofia) and Mo (Maurice Miller) and help straighten things out on the perimeter."

Some of the turnovers have been aggressive turnovers?

"Yeah, those are always the easiest ones to correct. You rather have those than somebody having the ball stolen from them. We have either guys trying to do too much or not making the right decision. We can live with the aggressive turnovers."

How frustrating has it been sitting on the bench?

"Very frustrating; it's frustrating watching loses but it's also frustrating watching them win and not being able to jump around with them. I couldn't do that even if I wanted to. It's going to be a good feeling being back with the team and doing everything with the team."

Has it been a learning experience to see what is going on?

"A lot of times Coach (Paul Hewitt) used to get mad at us early on and sometimes you just don't understand because you're playing and from the side they see it differently. So now just sitting down and coach says you see what I mean now; it's easier to understand."

Coach was looking for more energy at the beginning of the games and Moo and Mo did that last game and now you'll add to that.

"I think it will come even from just turning things up just a little in warm-ups. Trying to have a little more fun and creating some excitement. That's one thing we've been focusing on and I think we have that under control."

How important are the next two games on the road from a confidence factor?

"I think it's going to be a big thing for me individually trying to get back into the swing of things and trying to get my swagger back on the court. Trying to get back together with my teammates and trying to fuse more with them. I think by the Duke game we'll be rolling."

What do you expect from Charlotte?

"We expect a good game. It's going to be a hostile environment. They're not a team that hasn't won any games. They beat Louisville. They beat some other good teams. We not expecting to go in there and run all over them without working hard. We're going to go in there and play hard."

It looks like D'Andre is starting to look for his shot more?

"I think Dre is starting to be more aggressive and assert himself a little more. Sometimes he's a little passive and we get on him about it. Now when we pitch ahead, he's looking to create a little more." Top Stories