Grimble Could End Up Anywhere

It seems that almost everyone is after Jalen Grimble, a junior defensive end out of Las Vegas, Nevada. He is currently in South Carolina for a basketball tournament so was able to catch up with his father. Here is what Mr. Grimble had to say.

So Mr. Grimble, let's start with who is recruiting Jalen.M.

"Man, there's a whole list of them. I think he's at fifteen offers right now. Or maybe it's seventeen. He has a few schools that haven't offered yet that write him all the time. Some of those are Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, and Oregon."

Just off the top of your head, what schools have offered Jalen?

"Well there's USC, UCLA, Stanford, Utah, Nebraska, Michigan, Tennessee, Miami, Vanderbilt, UNLV, Washington, Colorado, and Oklahoma State among others."

Do any schools stand out to him?

"No not really. Actually, before we start deciding we're going to make a couple of trips. He has no favorites; he's still talking to some schools and waiting on them to offer. There's no hurry."

What schools were you all able to visit this fall?

"We've been to Utah, and we like Utah. We've been to LSU, we have family there and we like them, too. We've been to USC and UCLA several times. Right now he's just playing basketball and I want him to be concentrating on that."

One question about Georgia Tech - why the interest all the way back east to Georgia Tech?

"Well they were one of the first that we sent film. We never did here back from them for a while, that was the end of his sophomore year. They've talked to him a couple of times though. I think they and some other schools will really start recruiting the 2011 class when they get the 2010 class finished. He was interested in [Tech] really early."

So if Georgia Tech were to offer, you all would consider taking a trip to Tech when you guys make some trips?

"Most definitely."

So what are the priorities Jalen has in his recruitment? What is important?

"He wants to see what kind of relationship he forms with the coaching staff. When we check out the schools, we'll look at the academic part. He's a business-economic-finance major, so that will be important. The relationships he forms will play a big part, but education is the biggest part."

I know his cousin is a big time player going to USC. Will that play a role in his recruitment?

"He is really close with his cousin, Xavier. No, it won't factor in though. His (high school) coaches told him he is his own recruit."

Mr. Grimble was a good interview and stressed that his son will go wherever his son wants to go. Jalen will be making his own decision. Right now is basketball season, but after that in the summer things are going to pick up towards Jalen and finding out information towards making his decision. It also seems that if Georgia Tech decides to offer Jalen, then they'd be in the thick of things. Top Stories