Watts & Richardson - Flying Under the Radar

For the Georgia Tech redshirt freshmen, this has been a season of getting used to not playing on weekends for the first time in their careers. Names like Daniel Drummond, Jordan Luallen, JC Lanier, Will Jackson, and Emanuel Dieke are usually mentioned when discussing this year's redshirt class.

We recently met with two of the "under the radar" freshmen, Brandon Watts and Lance Richardson, to talk about their adjustment to college life and how they made their way through their first season at Georgia Tech.


How was your first semester at Georgia Tech?

"It was a real big adjustment. I had to get used to some things. There was a lot of studying. I'm well acquainted with everything now. I think I'll do better next semester with everything."

How difficult was it for you to have to stand on the sidelines and watch games this year rather than playing?

"It was pretty difficult because I'm usually on the field and not on the sideline. It was a big adjustment but I'm looking forward to getting out there in the spring and showing what I can do."

Was there anything you wanted to work on this year while you were being redshirted?

"I wanted to bulk up a little bit and get my strength up. That was it."

You played outside linebacker on the scout team. What was it like going against the offense?

"It helped you learn how to shed blockers real well. You learned how to be quick on your feet and play the chop block well. It was a good experience."

After seeing the preseason did you think the team would have the kind of season that it did?

"Yes sir, I knew we were going to have a good team because we returned a lot of good players. We had good players on both sides of the ball and we had some real good leaders."

Who helped you out when you first got to Tech?

"Cooper Taylor and Morgan Burnett were the two that helped me."

Is there anything you feel you need to work on between now and spring practice?

"No sir, just keep working hard and everything will come."

I guess you're looking forward to going to Miami?

"I've never flown before so this will be the first time."


How did you get in touch with Georgia Tech during the recruiting process?

"A high school coach in Columbia got in touch with Coach Dave Wommack and he came and said we'll look at your film. They checked my film out and a day later Coach Wommack called and offered me a full ride for DB."

How was your first semester at Georgia Tech?

"It went well. I had to make the transition to a lot more school work. Once you get that down pat and get that going it makes it much easier on your football."

How difficult was it to watch from the sidelines rather than playing?

"It made me more humble watching the d backs and learning from them. Instead of being the man on the team you now have a lot of good players and you have to learn from that."

When you came in did you have any individual expectations?

"I wanted to get on the field my freshman year but if that didn't work I was okay with the redshirt. I could learn from my redshirt year and be ready to get on the field."

Did the season go as you expected?

"Yes sir, we set team goals at the beginning of the season to be ACC champions and to beat certain teams and we did that so we're doing pretty well so far."

After a year on the Scout team, is there anything you feel you need to work on?

"Just being able to run and compete more. Just basically running and getting more speed and getting faster so I can go at people better in certain schemes on the defense."

What are your goals for the spring?

"I want to make the two deep and if not getting a starting position maybe get in the two deep in the rotation."

How have you made out in the weight room this year?

"I've gotten stronger in all aspects and I've gotten bigger. I've put on about twelve pounds and now weight 207."

Special teams are an area they always try to improve. Is that something you could see yourself doing?

"I could see starting out on special teams just to prove myself. It could lead to getting a starting position."

Did any players help you when you first came in?

"Yes sir, Morgan Burnett who plays my position the rover. He showed me a lot of the techniques that we work on and he showed me the schemes in passing camp."

What was it like playing on the scout team?

"It just makes you tougher. There are mental challenges seeing bigger and faster people coming at you. Once you get used to that you can go on with it."

I guess the reward for the season as a redshirt is going to Miami?

"Yes sir, and playing in one of the bigger bowl games."

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