Jerrard Tarrant: Orange Bowl Post-Game

Jerrard Tarrant talked to following the 24-14 Orange Bowl loss to Iowa. Tarrant returned a Ricky Stanzi pass for a touchdown for Georgia Tech's only first half points. Tarrant's interception highlighted a rejuvenated defensive effort against Iowa.

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Talk about the interception you returned for a touchdown.

"I was reading the receiver as he came off the line. But, how he took off I kind of knew he was going to do something to come back outside and once I saw the route he was running, I just broke on him because I had seen it a few times on film. I was just hoping I would beat him to the ball."

Compare Stanzi to some of the other QB's you've face this year.

"My hat goes off to him. He made some great throws on me actually. I felt like I had pretty good coverage and he threw it in the only place where the receiver could catch it."

It seemed like you had good coverage on one of the touchdowns – step for step. How frustrating is that knowing that you did the right thing and they still got the touchdown?

"Its frustrating but then again my coach said if you feel like you did the best and did what you could to not be satisfied but don't get mad. I made them throw the hardest throw they could make and they did and completed it so my hat goes off to them."

With 5 minutes to go and 3rd and long, Iowa converts. What kind of coverage were you in?

"We were in press man."

Compare Iowa with some of the teams you faced this year.

"They're a really good team. I didn't underestimate them coming in and I feel like they are just as good as any of the top teams we played during the season."

Defense has taken a lot of criticism but stepped it up tonight. What are you plans for using this to get ready for spring as far as improvements?

"We really haven't talked about it but I know coach wants us to get more physical and to get bigger, faster, and stronger as always." Top Stories