Austin Barrick: "We're All Disappointed"

Tackle Austin Barrick returned to action in the Orange Bowl after missing the last part of the 2009 season with a foot injury. Austin answered questions on the Georgia Tech offense, Iowa's defense, and next year in the wake of the 24-14 Orange Bowl loss to Iowa.

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Talk about the feeling going in to the final drive – having gone out and made game-winning drives before. How frustrating was it to not to come up with the score you needed?

"It was very frustrating. Obviously, we're all disappointed that we couldn't get it done. Usually we step up in those situations and its not an issue. But, tonight that wasn't the case. You just have to look forward to next year."

Did Iowa do anything different up front than anyone else you faced this year?

"Not really – not too much. They ran a 6-1 4-3 defense. We just didn't get the job done."

Sean Bedford had mentioned that he was very impressed with the Iowa linebackers and that they were among the best you faced this year. Is that accurate?

"I agree. Their middle linebacker – their All-American linebacker, 43 – is a good player. I'll give him credit. He flowed really well, was really fast, and is an aggressive player. They do have some of the best linebackers we've faced."

It seemed you were having better success running to the right – away from Clayborn. Were you surprised that there weren't more runs that way?

"I don't call the plays. I'll leave that to Coach Johnson. Whatever he calls, I'll follow blindly. He knows better than I do."

There were a lot of costly penalties that cost you from keeping drives going – particularly opening the second half. Do you look back on the game and think about what could've been?

"Absolutely. I was the guy that got the penalty on the first drive near the goal line and it put us in the position where we had to kick a field goal."

Was it a case of being over-anxious knowing the play was coming your way?

"Yeah, I knew I had to get out on the corner quick and they did a line shift and they caught me. Obviously, I've been beating myself up over it a little bit but mistakes do happen. It is what it is."

How was it for you out there after being out so many games?

"It felt natural. I had about a week – a little more – to practice. Its really easy playing next to Cord. He's a great player. Physically, I felt fine."

Are you looking forward to some time off – getting away from it for just a bit?

"Yes. I'm going to stay down here with Phil Smith – go back and hang out in Tampa before we have to start classes. Maybe just clear my head for a few days. Then, it will be back to the grind. We're trying to get the national championship or be back here next year. To do that we got to get better obviously.

Have you given any thought to what you have to look forward to in the spring and then next year?

"Definitely. We have a really good team coming back. We lose a lot of great guys but we have some youngsters and guys that have been waiting behind the seniors ready to step up. So, I think we're looking real good for next year. Get back to the grind and pound out these workouts and get ready for next season." Top Stories