Griffin: "You Can't Let One Loss Deter You"

LB Sedric Griffin, one of six scholarship seniors played his last game for the Yellow Jackets in the Orange Bowl – a 24-14 loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes. Sedric recaps the game, his feelings about what he and the team have accomplished and his plans for the future.

Sedric Griffin - Profile

You had a great year this year. Do you think this one loss takes away from what all you've accomplished?

"You can't let one loss deter you. We really wanted to put an exclamation point on the season. But, 11-3 is not bad. A lot of Georgia Tech teams can't say they had 11 wins. It hurt but we still had a great season."

The defense really held up their end tonight. Was it frustrating to see the offense struggle and have an off-night?

"I'm not going to say that. The offense has been pulling their weight the whole season. I believe we are upset as a team that we haven't put that one complete game together where both sides played good or great. So, I believe that's the goal next year – have a complete game so they have a chance to play for the national championship next year. I believe that the talent is here to do that."

What did you think of Stanzi's play tonight?

"Stanzi was solid. He didn't make many mistakes. He did a lot to not hurt their team so he had solid play tonight."

You had Stanzi trapped back there a couple of times and he seemed to get away.

"The third down run on the sideline was crucial."

You're a senior this year. What are your plans for the future?

"I'm just a few hours away from graduation. I'll work on my degree and also try to get ready for my pro day and stuff like that. See if I have a chance with the NFL." Top Stories