Demaryius Thomas: "We Were Very Confident" caught up with Damaryius "BayBay" Thomas following the 2010 Orange Bowl loss to the Hawkeyes. Thomas talked about the final drive following the failed Iowa fake field goal as well as his future plans.

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How confident was the offense coming out for that last drive when you got the ball following the fake field goal?

"We were very confident after we came out and scored and they [the defense] got another stop after we turned the ball over. We said we were going to go down and score and let the defense stop them and take the win."

Did the play where you lost yardage opening that drive take the wind out of your sails?

"It did a little – losing that many yards. We weren't really getting many big run plays. I knew it was going to be tough."

Does this affect your decision on coming back next year?

"No, it doesn't. After I get my evaluation back, all the other stuff, I'll go off of that." Top Stories