BJ Bostic - Anxious To Get Started

BJ Bostic has been busy recently taking his official visit to Georgia Tech and playing in the Offense-Defense all-star game. BJ spoke with tonight about his move to Georgia Tech this week.

Originally scheduled to enroll today, Bostic will now be heading to Tech this Saturday as officials pushed the arrival day back. BJ is ready to get to Tech and is anxious to get in class and to start his off season workouts.

Did you get moved in today?

"No sir I didn't. They called me and told me that it was changed to this Saturday for us to move into our dorms. I was ready to go last night and get up there but one more day will not kill me, make me anxious but not kill me (laughing)."

How did you official visit go a couple of weeks ago?

"It was awesome. I had a great time with the recruits, players, and coaches. Jerrard Tarrant was my host and like before we hit it off real well. I got a chance to tour the campus, academics, and see all the athletics facilities again. Later, we all hung out together. I mainly hung out with Dominique Reese, Jerrard Tarrant, and Anthony Allen."

Did the coaches talk to you about your position?

"Coach Johnson and I had a long talk. He is saying it is a very good possibility I can play quarterback or A-Back when I come in. I'm still looking at it as one of I don't care as long as I can help the team and get out on the field and help make a difference."

How did your all-star game go?

"I think I did very well. Having never ever played defense before, I felt I did a good job. I had six tackles in about a half of the game I played and kept my man quiet and held him in check. It was very different from having the ball in your hands and making the decisions on offense to reading what the offense is doing so you know what you need to be doing. I was told I did a good job though."

Have you had a chance to talk to your cousin Chris much?

"I had a chance to see him over the holidays and he has gotten much bigger. He looks like he has hit the weights hard and is much bigger than he was in high school. He told me that he is being counted on to provide depth and get on the field next year. I can tell his red-shirt year has really made him a better player just from looking at him. If his play has gotten better like his strength and muscle mass has compared to high school, then Chris will be a force on the field."

Last time we talked, you were really wanting to know your number, did the coaches assign you one yet?

"No sir not just yet. I'd like to get 1, 7, 8, or 10 in that order. Maybe I can challenge Morgan Burnett to a forty yard dash for the number to go to the winner (both of us laughing on this one). I know you can double up on numbers and if I play defense maybe I can get my old high school number 7 as I know Jordan Luallen will have it on offense. We'll see when I get there. It is something I am just curious about but like playing time, I'll take what I can get and earn the rest with my ability and play."

Dale's Take:

BJ was his usual self, fun loving and cutting up. He mentioned that his cousin is walking on to Georgia and he tried to get him to come up to Athens with him and BJ said that was a trip he'd have to make by himself. His cousin mentioned that the Georgia coaches asked his cousin to try and get him to come but BJ wasn't budging at all. BJ is a full fledged Yellow Jacket and there isn't anything going to change that. Top Stories