Paul Hewitt: "We Want To Run"

Prior to heading into a film session with the players and then on to the practice court, Coach Paul Hewitt talked about the upcoming game with Duke and what went wrong in Athens.

How has practice been since the Georgia game?

"It was good. It was pretty spirited."

Do you see any players getting increased or decreased minutes Saturday?

"I've got some thoughts in mind and maybe I'll change some things around a little bit. We'll see how practice goes today and get a feel going into the game."

You didn't show the players tape of the Georgia game?

"No, it was such a tough game for our guys. I don't take any credit away from Georgia; they played well. They deserved to win the basketball game. Our guys felt they prepared really well. They were pretty upset afterwards. It was one of those games as rivalry games can be sometimes."

Will your focus in the Duke game be on Scheyer and Singler?

"That whole perimeter group is good. Those are the guys that stand out. In watching tape on them, you're also impressed with how those big guys play their role. Zoubek is a very good rebounder. Lance Thomas is a good defender and sets a lot of good screens. The two Plumlee boys do a good job on the boards. They're an outstanding unit."

Zoubek and Plumlee may be subject to foul trouble?

I'm not sure they even worry about it. They play strong and aggressive on the boards. They have depth in the front court. They lack it on the perimeter but they have true depth in the front court. I'm not sure they're worried about fouls."

What kind of tempo are you looking for in the Duke game?

"We're going to try and play our tempo. We want to play fast. We want to run, take care of the basketball, and take good shots. We definitely want to run."

Do you think that the players need to learn how to win after last season?

"There's some of that. I think that's a great point. First you have to separate this year from last year. It's not one continuous season. It's a new season and there are new personalities. The thing I told Wes in the post-game show is that we had one of those quirky situations where we had a six point possession go against us. After the game I was glad that happened. I was curious as to how they would respond to a situation like that and they responded well."

Have the freshmen responded well to some of the adversarial things that have happened to them thus far?

"Yes, but you find ultimately as the season progresses as to the ultimate answer of how they respond. Obviously Saturday afternoon will be another situation of how to they respond to losing at Georgia. I think they are getting it. Ultimately you're judged on the scoreboard."

As you approach a game is it more about what you're doing or what the opponent is doing?

"It's more about what you're doing. You have to stay consistent. I feel like we're making progress but it's always more about what you're doing rather than what the other guys are doing."

How do you defend the three that you'll face against Duke?

"You have to contest shots. You have to hope they miss some because they take so many. They work hard to get them. The thing about shooting is that it's a fickle thing. Obviously they have great shooters. As a unit they're outstanding. Everybody can have a cold spell sometimes."

You struggled with making shots against Georgia?

"Yeah, shooting is something that you can go hot and cold. Obviously we got some good looks. We probably should have been more aggressive by pressing and generating some offense by trapping in the half court. "

How's Iman been looking?

"I think he's okay. He hasn't complained about any soreness and there's no swelling. From a knee standpoint he's fine. I know he wants to play better but from a health standpoint I think he's okay." Top Stories