Coach K - They Deserved to Win

Following his team's four point loss to Georgia Tech, Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski talked about Tech deserving to win the game and how hard both teams played today.

"I thought it was a typical ACC game; very physical and both teams played extremely hard. Shots were hard to come by and I thought Paul's game plan was a good one. They used their bench; they came after us and tried to wear us down. They got us out of rhythm. We can't only rely on Scheyer to score. It's set up for us to score from other places and we didn't score from other places although I thought our bigs did some good things today."

"Lawal is really playing outstanding basketball. He gives them such a good presence. Their three bigs can match up with any three bigs in the country. Peacock accepting his role as a senior coming off the bench and putting the ball in the hole, make tough plays, gives confidence to their young perimeter. Udofia played like a veteran today."

"I thought he was excellent. I thought they played better than we did. I thought we played hard. We didn't play as well as we would like. I think Georgia Tech had the most to do with that. We came ready to play and they beat us. Paul did a great job with his kids."

Was there anything Tech was doing to stop Singler?

"I don't know. I thought he had some open looks. Sometimes you don't hit. They played forty minutes and there was never a letup by them. I thought we tried to play forty minutes too. Kyle just didn't have the game we'd like him to have. He had the game Georgia Tech would like him to have."

Can you talk about the last back and forth sequences?

"Lawal made two big buckets and free throws. They made their free throws. We missed two and he hit the one off the backboard and then made the second. He came up with four points that were critical. It was a shot that he can hit and he hit. That's what you're looking to do. We came down and had an open three and we didn't hit it. Sometimes the game is kind of that easy to understand. You're in a position where both teams can win and somebody hits shots. If both of us hit them we go into overtime."

Was Tech's rebounding edge in the second half a function of their relentlessness?

"We just got worn out. You have to stay with it. They stayed with it. That's one of the things they do. You have to try and neutralize that for a forty minute period. We did a much better job in the first half than in the second half."

What did you see in Tech coming into the game?

"I think they're a very talented basketball team and deep. They can come at you. We knew they were going to use numbers against us. They have a great three man rotation in the bigs. Peacock could probably start for most teams. The other two kids are going to play basketball for a long time. Bell is a good leader but the rest of the perimeter players are younger and when you have those big guys like that it gives you confidence especially they way they played tonight."

Was Tech's energy in the second half a big factor in the outcome?

"I think they were fresher than we were. You can't play a game like this; you can't dance around the rain. You can't stay on the ropes. I thought they wore us down some. That can tell in your shooting when your legs aren't completely there. Their defensive presence; they're not giving up. They close out and try to take it away from you. They played well. They were the team that deserved to win." Top Stories