Mfon Udofia - I Wanted to Be More Aggessive

When Mfon Udofia takes the court against the best players and teams, he has no fear. Moo gave us his thoughts on the Duke game following the Jackets four point win over the fifth ranked Blue Devils.

How did you approach the game today?

"I just wanted to be more aggressive."

How much pressure did it take off you when you made the first of two free throws at the end of the game?

"(Smiling) It took a lot of pressure off me and it put us up by three. Every day before practice I shot one hundred free throws. I stay after practice and shoot free throws. I shoot before every game. We play a game called switch game before every game and shoot free throws and I think that's helped me out a lot."

How do you go from losing to Georgia to beating number five Duke?

"Just basically by bouncing back and keeping our heads up high knowing this is a long season. This isn't a sprint it's a marathon. That's how we look at it. So it's just basically bounce back and watch film to see what we did wrong and the next day at practice we went at it."

You seemed to execute a lot better in this game?

"In the ACC you have to execute to win games and that's what we did."

What was it like to see the 1985 team out there?

"It was nice to see the team that played before you. You want to play hard for them because they set the stage for us. We wanted to play hard for those guys. When we put on the Tech jersey we're not just playing for ourselves, we're playing for everybody that played before us."

How was the matchup today with Duke's perimeter players?

"John Scheyer is a great player. All I wanted to do was get him rattled. No team this season has gotten him rattled. We just wanted to get him rattled and keep the pressure on him. Our perimeter defense with me and Iman Shumpert we just played real good D on him and got him rattled."

Coach K said that you may have taken them out of their rhythm. Did you feel that was a factor today?

"That's what we wanted to do; run and score and go up and down and get them tired and the last man standing would win out."

The team seems to be handling the final minutes of the game better than last season?

"The guys from last year are getting older and more mature. Iman Shumpert was a freshman last year. He's a sophomore now and an older and more mature guy. At the end of the games we're going to make the right plays and execute the key plays and make free throws to win the game."

How big a confidence factor is this win with the team now going on the road for two ACC games?

"It's a really important win but the next game has to be the same. This win won't matter if we lose Virginia so we have to come in with the same approach and win the next one." Top Stories