Eric Davidson - Still Has a Clear Leader

Eric Davidson, running back from Grimsley High School in Greensboro, still has a clear leader but is also hearing now from other schools. Eric talks about those schools and his early leader in his conversation with

Eric Davidson - Profile

What's new with your recruiting?

"It has been going good. East Carolina and West Virginia have started recruiting me pretty hard. I have been receiving a lot of mail from them. Georgia Tech also has continued to send me stuff too. I feel my recruiting is coming along very well."

Have you stayed in contact with the coaches at Georgia Tech?

"I plan on calling them now that the bowl game is over. I know they had a lot of preparation to do in getting ready for the Orange Bowl."

Did you attend any bowl practices?

"No sir, I didn't attend any as we didn't get out of school until the Tuesday before Christmas and that made it hard to attend any in that short time frame."

How about Junior Days, any invites to date?

"Northwestern has invited me to theirs already. Duke has also invited me to theirs. I hope to get invited to Georgia Tech's. When I find out the dates I can plan on going to others."

It sounds like Georgia Tech is still your leader?

"Yes sir, they are still my leader by far. I love their offense as it is perfect for running backs to play in and the school is top notch with their academics. Tech has everything I am looking for in a school. I get mail from Georgia Tech and Coach Spencer weekly. I really like seeing that mail from them."

Now that you high school season is over, how do you feel your team looks for next year?

"Well, we have several players coming back. The coaches have set the foundation for a good year. My ankle will be fully healed then and I can play up to my potential and give the team more options on offense."

Have you started your off season workouts?

"Yes sir, I sure have. I am working out on my own and work out at a gym."

Dale's Take:

Eric has picked up two new teams in his recruitment in West Virginia and East Carolina. Duke is still recruiting him very hard. Despite all this, Eric still has Georgia Tech as a clear leader. I feel that once Eric can show everyone what he can do with a fully healed ankle, he will have a lot of colleges recruiting him. Eric is learning how the recruiting process works and is eager to get back on the field to show case his talents. Eric's Dad also told me that a pro football player has taken Eric to some workouts and is helping him to become a better football player. Top Stories