Trio Of Juniors Heading to the NFL attended the 1pm press conference at Georgia Tech today where a trio of juniors (Jonathan Dwyer, Morgan Burnett, and Derrick Morgan) announced their plans to stay at Georgia Tech or head to the NFL.

Before a packed room of family, friends, teammates, and staff members, Dwyer, Morgan, and Burnett have decided to forego their senior seasons and will enter the NFL draft. The press conference was a pensive and emotional event as all three looked across the room at those in attendance.

Dwyer indicated that he only made up his mind 2 days ago. He was told that he would be late first/early second round draft choice. Dwyer intends to train in Dallas to prepare for the draft. Additionally, he doesn't have an agent at this time. The potential NFL labor issues for next year were not a factor in his decision. Dwyer did cite a preference as far as NFL teams to end up playing in a warmer climate.

Derrick Morgan was apparently the first to decide of his intention to turn pro. His decision came following the Duke game this year. He has also been told that he will be a first round pick. Derrick will be heading to Arizona to train with CAA (believed to be Creative Arts Agency). He apparently has signed with an agent but the name of the agent is not known at this time. Neither the change in defensive coordinators nor the potential labor issues were cited as factors in his decision.

Morgan Burnett indicated that his draft status was not a factor in his decision to turn pro. He also indicated that the decision came following the Orange Bowl. He has not yet signed with an agent and is currently looking at various training options to prepare for the draft and has no preference on what team drafts him.

All three indicate that they will participate in the upcoming Georgia Tech pro day as well as the NFL combines. wishes all four of the juniors (and the outgoing seniors) the very best and good luck in the NFL! Thanks for the memories! Editors Note: A correction was made to indicate that Derrick Morgan is using CAA as his trainer - not his agent. Top Stories