Denzel McCoy: "It was a lot of fun"

Georgia Tech commit Denzel McCoy recently played in the Offense-Defense All American Bowl Game. He talked to about the event, recruiting, and the possible defensive changes on Georgia Tech's staff.

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How was playing in the O-D All American Bowl?

"Man, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed playing with Shawn [Green] (fellow GT commit). I had a great time. B.J. Bostic was also there. It was cool to be with those guys because the next four years we all are going to be playing defense together."

Did you get some solid playing time? Make some plays?

"I actually started. We rotated every series. I had a tackle for loss on a draw, which was pretty big. It was one of the harder plays for the defense to stop."

How was it being in Myrtle Beach?

"Oh man it was like a vacation. It was awesome!"

So with signing day coming soon, any thoughts about the GT final class and how it might end up?

"We've got a solid class coming in if it were just the ones we have now. I'm excited about it and proud to be a part of it."

Any thoughts on Justin Parker or any other guys GT is still going after?

"Justin Parker, when he takes his official the week before signing day, I'll be up there to see him. Hopefully we can add another linebacker. Justin played in the O-D game as well. He started at middle linebacker. We have a good relationship. I've been talking to him for two or three months. I know Clemson just did an in-home with him and then he's taking his official with Tech."

I know you've heard the news about Tech now looking for a new defensive coordinator. What are you thinking?

"It's fine with me. If it happens, whoever we hire, hopefully they can fill the shoes and go above and beyond. I'm all in, no matter what. I had a lot of respect for Coach Wommack."

There are obviously rumors flying around. Say Tech ends up going to a 3-4 scheme. Would that bother you?

"I'm fine with it. It is fine with me, man."

With your body type, you know you might even be a defensive end in that scheme. Would you be opposed to playing that?

"It's exciting. I played end in high school this year. I wouldn't mind it." Top Stories