Paul Hewitt: "Wednesday is a huge game"

After a big and much-needed win over previously fifth ranked Duke, Georgia Tech must now take the road for two tough games starting with Virginia on Wednesday. Coach Paul Hewitt talks about the big win and the upcoming road game against Virginia.

It's time to take the show on the road?

"Yeah, it's a tough matchup Wednesday against Virginia. Virginia is playing a lot like Villanova with the four guards. The kid playing the four guard (Sylven Landesberg) was a two guard last year. He's a tremendous player. He's improved his game. He was ACC rookie of the year last year. He's shooting the ball from the three really well and he's a tremendous free-throw shooter. He's a really, really tough matchup. He'll play the power forward position with the other three guards out there. Obviously this presents a problem with Derrick [Favors] or Zach [Peacock] at the four. Who do we have them guard?"

Will stopping the three be important as it was against Duke?

"Yeah, they don't take as many as Duke, but they shoot a high percentage. It's going to be important that we contest that three."

Does it make it hard to press a team like that when they play so many guards?

"You've got to be better in your rotations. I still think you can press them, no question. There have been times when we've allowed the last play to impact our concentration when we go from offense to defense whether it's a turnover or missed shot and then you have a lapse. They have that type of team with those guards if you don't have the right rotation against the pressure they're going to make you pay."

How do you defend Landesberg?

"You have to put your best on him. People ask me what did you do to Kyle Singler the other night? Singler just missed some shots. I thought we played good defense the other night. The same thing with Landesberg - we have to play great defense and hope he has an off night. D'Andre [Bell] and Iman [Shumpert] will see him, but D'Andre will start out on him. Sylven is a crafty player. He knows how to draw fouls. I think that's a lost art. Kids shoot threes or go away from the basket. Sylven does a great job of changing speeds and he can go to the basket with the left or right hand."

Iman has kind of struggled the past few games?

"Yeah, he struggles because he's having a hard time finding a rhythm and flow of the game. I thought there were times when he had shots that he turned down and there were times when he shot and should have passed. He'll be alright. I was talking to Doc Rivers the other day about guys with knee injuries. Usually the first game back they're playing with a lot of adrenaline and usually the next couple of games the rust shows and they have to reestablish themselves and find a rhythm. I think that's what's happening to Iman. The more he plays, the more he'll get back to being himself. If he's playing real well he's the key to our team."

Mfon Udofia had one turnover against Duke. I guess that's huge?

"It's a big step. Considering how the first ACC game was such a shock to his system, obviously he made a nice step forward from the Florida State game to this game."

Is Derrick frustrated that he's not scoring more?

"It's fair to say he's a little frustrated. I think he's frustrated that he's not playing better overall. He's not used to being in a physical game like that. The games are well officiated. I thought those guys did a great job the other day allowing everybody to play. The defense closes down so much quicker on him than he's used to and he tries to hurry to the basket. If you look at the numbers, he's having one of the top five freshmen years in the country. He's got to stay with it that's all."

Are the roles starting to come to the forefront with this team?

"I think that's the case. The roles are starting to become better defined. We'll find out Wednesday because Wednesday is a big game for us. It's a road game and they have some momentum and we have some momentum. It's a huge clash in styles. Wednesday is a huge game."

You shortened the bench a little against Duke?

"I'm just getting more comfortable with the rotation." Top Stories