Mitchell: "GT Junior Day will be interesting"

First Coast High School defensive lineman Derrick Mitchell has an early list of five favorites. Derrick talked with about those favorites and possible Junior Day visits.

Derrick Mitchell - Profile

What are your current measurables?

"I am 6' 5" and weigh 275 pounds. I have been timed at 4.8 in the forty."

At First Coast, where do you play on the defensive line?

"I can play both defensive tackle and defensive end. Last year, I mainly played tackle, but this year the team is going to need me to play end so that is where I will play my senior year."

Do you have a preference as to which one you play?

"No sir, not really. I will play wherever the team needs me to play either in high school or at the college level."

Have you been invited to any Junior Days this year?

"Yes sir, I have four invites so far. Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech and South Carolina all have invited me so far."

Are there any conflicting dates to make you have to choose between two or more schools?

"I know Florida State is holding theirs on a separate date from the others. Georgia Tech and Georgia both have theirs on the same date so I will have to choose."

Which one will you be going to between Georgia Tech and Georgia?

"My Dad and I want to go to the one at Georgia Tech so we will take that one in instead of Georgia."

What schools are recruiting you right now?

"Well, I have offers from FSU, FIU, Illinois, South Carolina, North Carolina and Clemson. Other schools recruiting me are Georgia Tech, Georgia, Miami, Iowa, Minnesota, and Connecticut."

Do you have list of schools that you would consider your favorites?

"Right now I would have to say that FSU, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia are the ones I like the most."

I noticed that you listed Georgia as a favorite but you going to Georgia Tech's Junior Day. Is there something that would put Georgia Tech in your top list of schools?

"I've talked with Coach Johnson and he said he wanted to get to know me better as a player and see film on me. If they come through with an offer, they would move up to my top list of schools I like the most. I think Junior Day at Tech will be interesting."

What criteria will you use in choosing a school?

"First off the school needs to have a high graduation rate in their student-athletes. Next they would have to have very strong academics. Also, they would have to have my major which will be either in physical therapy or some sort of major technology. Lastly, they will have to be a school that has a strong product on the football field. I will use these in making my decision."

Speaking of your decision, will you be one that makes an early decision or will you let your recruiting sort of play out and make a decision after making some visits and talking with coaches and other recruits?

"I will take my time and make a well informed decision because when I do make it, I will be one that is firm on that decision. I will not be changing my mind at all once I make my decision."

Have you made any close bonds or found a coach you like so far in your recruitment?

"I really like Coach Hagan at FSU. I like the way he coaches the defensive line and goes through a practice. I like how he teaches his linemen and gets the best out of them."

Dale's Take:

Derrick is a really well spoken young man. This early in recruitment he realizes there are decisions he has to make (which Junior Day to attend out of two on the same day) and he knows that he has a long ways to go in his recruitment. Still it seems that five or six teams have appeared on top of his list of schools and a couple of more can pop up there if they offer. Stay turned on Derrick's recruitment as I'm sure he will be one of the most sought after defensive lineman in the Southeast and nation. Top Stories