Kicker Switches Commit to Tech

In a small class, Georgia Tech coaches were not going to address the place kicker position but that has changed with four juniors moving on to the NFL this week. PK Justin Moore (Marist) switched his commit from Miami (Ohio) to Georgia Tech on Friday when he accepted Tech's offer.

Georgia Tech's Class of 2010 has a few new openings this week with four juniors announcing their intentions to enter the NFL draft. The attrition means that a few more opportunities opened up for Tech to give out new offers. In a small class, GT coaches were not going to address the place kicker position but that has now changed. Justin Moore (Marist) switched his commit from Miami (Ohio) to Georgia Tech on Friday.

You received a scholarship offer from Georgia Tech this week?

"Yes sir I did. When I heard about it from the coaches I decided to take a look at the school and talk to the coaches."

How did Friday's visit go?

"It was great. I got a chance to talk with the coaches. I really wanted to meet the coaches and get to know them better and see the school and learn all about it I could even though I didn't have a whole lot of time. I got a chance to see everything I needed to see and what the coaches had to say to me was everything I needed to hear."

Did you change your commitment from Miami (Ohio) to Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir I did. I told them yesterday that I would take the scholarship and become a member of the Yellow Jacket class for 2010. I wanted to see the school first and talk to the coaches and get a good feel on how they want to use me and their plans for me before I changed my commitment."

Which coaches were in contact with you and recruiting you?

"Coach Brian Jean-Mary and Coach Sewak were the two main coaches that kept in contact with me and most recently were the ones recruiting me very hard."

Did you get a chance to talk with Coach Paul Johnson?

"Yes sir I did. We sat down and talked about what Georgia Tech is in football and what they stand for in academics. He gave me a good idea of how he stresses academics as much as football at Georgia Tech. He told how he feels things will go next year and that I will have a good opportunity to earn playing time as a freshman, the chance to compete for a job."

What made you change your commitment?

"The academics at Georgia Tech are great. With a degree from Georgia Tech you are pretty much set for life. You just can't go wrong with a GT degree. Also, not knocking Miami, Georgia Tech is a bigger stage to play football. I mean playing football in the ACC is big time and I really want to do that. Lastly, it is close to home and I really like that."

How long were you in contact with Georgia Tech?

"Well, I have been to the summer camps the past two years. This past year I had a real good camp and I enjoyed my time there. Plus my coach at Marist, Coach Dan Perez graduated from Georgia Tech and he really helped me get back in the picture with Georgia Tech. He really helped me and when the scholarships opened up, I got my chance."

What major will you choose at Georgia Tech?

"I probably will go into Business Management. I know they have an excellent Business School and I like that major."

Will you hold a signing day function at Marist?

"I'll probably just have some family and coaches there and take a picture, nothing real fancy."

Denzel McCoy and a few others are talking about going to Fox Grill and hold a function that night, will you go?

"It's funny you mention Denzel, we are good friends. We played together in the Gwinnett Football League in the 5th and 6th grade. I'm sure we will talk and set something up as Denzel has his ear to the ground and knows what is going on recruiting wise for Tech. I'm sure something will happen."

Dale's Take:

Justin was extremely happy to say he he's Yellow Jacket. He wanted to play in a big time program and conference and he is now with his commitment to Georgia Tech. Even though this happened really fast, he has stayed in contact with Tech through his coach and he seized his opportunity once it opened up. Top Stories