Quayshawn Nealy: 100% Firm on His Decision

Lakeland, Florida linebacker Quayshawn Nealy committed to Georgia Tech in December before visiting the campus. After he made his official visit to Georgia Tech, he knew he made the right choice.

Quayshawn Nealy - Profile

How did your visit go to Georgia Tech a few weeks ago?

"Man it was great. We had a great time and learned a lot about the campus. We visited the whole campus. We also met the coaches, players, and academics advisors and faculty while we were there."

What all did you get to do?

"I got a chance to talk with my academic advisor and learn what the school and especially Coach Johnson expects out of his players academic wise at Georgia Tech. I got a chance to meet most of the players. Quentin Sims was my player host and we hit it off great. I got a chance to talk with all the coaches, especially Coach Brian Jean-Mary. He told me what he is expecting out of me as a player and is very excited that I chose Georgia Tech. We hit it off really well."

I get a sense that you really enjoyed the trip?

"Yes sir I sure did. The hospitality from everyone was just great. I really felt at home while I was there."

Since you made your commitment to Georgia Tech before you ever visited, did this trip show you made the right decision?

"Yes sir it did. It really sealed the deal. I am 100% firm on this decision and looking forward to playing for Georgia Tech."

How about the campus being set in downtown Atlanta, do you like that?

"I really do like that aspect a lot. I know you will have a lot to do when you have some time away from school and football. You'll never get bored while you are at Georgia Tech and Atlanta. That was a huge plus for Georgia Tech too."

How do you feel about the new defensive coordinator hire at Georgia Tech?

"I've heard he's a real good coach and I think if it improves the team then I am all for it."

Coach Al Groh is noted for his linebackers and aggressive defenses, is that something you like hearing?

"Yes sir, very much. I like to play all out and be aggressive so it will be a good match for me coming to Georgia Tech."

How about a signing day ceremony, are you holding one?

"I have been talking it over with my parents and coaches and we haven't really decided what we will do but I am looking forward to that day."

Dale's Take:

Quayshawn really loved everything about his trip. He really hit it off with the players there and hit it off with his position coach, Coach Brian Jean-Mary. This visit really confirmed his decision to attend Georgia Tech. He has made a few good friends from the new recruits and current players on the team. Quayshawn is very happy about his decision and when he found out about Coach Groh, he was even more excited.

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