Dominique Brown - GT Back in the Picture

Cincinnati, Ohio option quarterback Dominique Brown received a visit from Georgia Tech coaches after basketball practice on Monday. The former Cincinnati commit was surprised by the visit and now Tech is heavily in the mix for his services.

Dominique Brown - Profile

I understand you have some visitors this afternoon?

"Yes sir I sure did. Coach (Brian) Bohannon and Coach (Mike) Sewak came to my school and talked with me after my basketball practice."

What did they have to say to you?

"They talked about how they want me at Georgia Tech and now that they have some scholarships opened up that I am a player they like. They told me that they would like for me to come in for a visit and see the school and get to know the coaches, players, and campus. They talked about their offense they run and how I would fit into it perfectly. They also told me that Coach (Paul) Johnson will be flying in next week to make a visit himself."

Did you set up the official visit?

"Yes sir I did. I will be making an official visit to Georgia Tech on the weekend of January 29th. I told the coaches I would be there and am looking forward to the visit."

Did this visit change your outlook on Georgia Tech?

"Yes sir it changed it very much. I would say that it really put them at the top of my list right now. Georgia Tech is most likely number one right now. We run the triple option in high school and I feel like I would be a good fit for their offense down at Georgia Tech."

In a recent article you said you probably wouldn't be signing on National Signing Day, is this still the way you feel you will go?

"Most likely as I would like to get in three or four visits to schools to make sure this time around. I'm going to Georgia Tech on the 29th of this month plus I would like to visit Cincinnati again to give them a chance, go see Ohio State, and take a visit to Louisville. That is a lot of visits to make in a short time so I might be signing after signing day gets here."

What would be your ideal position to play in college?

"I guess that really depends on which school I will attend. If I were to pick Georgia Tech, I know I would be a quarterback in their system. Ohio State really wants me as a slot/wide receiver. I guess I am open to where I play depending on which school I pick."

Dale's Take:

Dominique was just getting out of practice and just had finished talking with the coaches from Georgia Tech. Dominique was pumped about his talk with the coaches and in my opinion very happy to have Georgia Tech back in the picture. On a side note, Dominique is very easy to talk with and just by listening to him talk you can tell he has a firm hold on what he wants and he has a plan he follow on his recruiting. Top Stories