Hewitt: "A rotation I feel comfortable with"

Coming off a big road win over North Carolina Coach Paul Hewitt talked about the win and the progress of some of the freshmen as the team gets ready for Clemson.

Did you have to keep Iman's confidence up after having some tough shooting games?

"Not so much confidence just make him more aware of what he was doing and how he was playing. All of us have taken turns watching tape with him to show him that he can be more efficient. He's a confident kid, trust me. You don't have to worry about his confidence."

Was he trying to do too much with the ball?

"He wasn't necessarily trying to be spectacular, but he was trying to make the play all the time instead of being aggressive and using his physical skills and make good basketball decisions after that."

Was the call in the huddle for the last shot to go to Zach Peacock?

"It was. It was funny. We thought we could get what we wanted kind of like we did against Duke when we had the floor spread out. We could take advantage of a close out or throw it inside. Once we broke the huddle, I saw something else and boy I wish I had another timeout to use. It worked out great and I didn't want to change the play at that point, but next game I can see us doing something different out of that set. I think there's something there that can get us an easier bucket than we got the other day."

How has Derrick Favors had to learn how to get the entry pass and work to get the ball?

"That's something that Gani has helped him a lot with. Again, you're talking about a guy adjusting to more physical play. Now he can't just step into the lane and get the basketball like he did in high school. A guy asked me in a conference call if I was surprised that only one of the McDonald's All-Americans in the league is averaging in double figures. I said that coaches aren't surprised. The real experts are surprised but coaches aren't. We know that these kids have an adjustment. People talk about he's a one and done and he's this and he's a potential first team All-American as a freshman. We know what they have to adjust to. The great thing about coaching Derrick is that he doesn't think he has all the answers. He's very open to coaching. He's very open to instruction from his teammates and particularly from Gani Lawal."

How do you feel you match up against Trevor Booker?

"I like our front line. They have a great front line then again you can run that quote in every game you play in the ACC. I think it's a good matchup for both teams."

Zach has really taken well to coming off the bench?

"He's probably made more sacrifice than anybody else on the team. I think he realizes we're better when he's coming off the bench. It's great for me to have a guy coming off the bench who I know there's going to be no drop off and in some cases there's going to be a rise in our level of play."

Is it an advantage for him to see how the game is going?

"Yeah, because he's a smart player. He's not like a freshman who's just anxious to run out there on the floor. Zach can examine things and see what's going on out there. He does carry some experience and knowledge that he can take advantage of what he's seeing on the bench."

How do you like both Iman Shumpert and Mfon Udofia bringing the ball up court?

"I think it's good. I think Mfon can definitely do more. I think he knows he can do more. He knows he can play better but he's probably hit a little bit of the freshman wall. It's a very physical game for these kids when they get up to this level. He'll get his second wind and get back to playing the way he was earlier."

Maurice Miller hasn't played in a couple of games?

"That's just the way it is. I got to a point where this is a rotation that I feel comfortable with. I asked he and Lance Storrs and Brad Sheehan to stay ready. You never know, somebody could roll an ankle or somebody could be having a really bad game. The other day, Derrick picks up his second foul with 17:50 to go so Brad has to play and he did a nice job."

It looks like Demontez Stitt may not play. How does that affect Clemson?

"He's their starting point guard so I'm sure it's significant. We'll see come game time. I'm one of those guys that have to see it to believe it."

You're 2-2 in the league. It looks like there are a lot of evenly matched teams?

"Everybody has at least one loss except for Virginia. They were picked to finish last so that tells you how evenly matched this league is."

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