Glen Rice Jr: "College is much more intense"

The Georgia Tech freshmen are only five games into the ACC schedule but already they've experience the ups and downs of conference play. Tuesday night against Clemson, it was Glen Rice's turn to step up in the Jackets win over Clemson.

You seem to be getting more comfortable with your role on the team?

"Yeah, it came with time and after getting to play more and getting to know your team more they feel more comfortable with you handling the ball. Coach does too and it makes you feel more comfortable."

Is the team starting to feel more comfortable with each other?

"Yeah we're starting to bond real well. It helps so you can always be ready."

You had a big smile on your face at the end of the game. What were you thinking?

"I was thinking that was a long three seconds. It seemed like it took forever for us to grab the ball. I was just happy it was over with and we came out with the victory."

How difficult was it to guard Demontez Stitt?

"He's a really good player. Coming off the screen he does really well with the stop and go. If you let up for a second he was by you."

Can you talk about the big stop at the end of the game prior to the game winning foul shots?

"We were helping the man guarding Stitt. When he came by we got in his way and knocked it off his leg."

You had eighteen fast break points in the first half. It seemed like the team came out with a lot of energy?

"Yeah, it was part of Coach Hewitt's game plan to run because they were in the full-court press and our point guard handled the ball well and got it into the big men for fast break points."

Playing against the press in practice must help in games like this?

"Yes, we went over the press in practice so it was easy. We knew what to expect and we knew all the positions."

Was Trevor Booker one of the better ones you've seen this year?

"He definitely was. He has nice moves and he was big, strong, and physical. He was hard to stop. You just had to get used to it."

Can you talk about the big block you got on Stitt to get the crowd into the game?

"I was thinking that I had to get over there fast because I was supposed to be over there sooner. If he scored, I knew it was going to be my fault. I went up there and just tried to block it. I didn't know what was going to happen. I was just hoping he wasn't going to finish it."

Can you talk about the difference in the intensity from high school to college?

"College is much more intense. They game plays much faster. The players are more physical. When they bump you, your body starts to wear down." Top Stories