Tony Zenon - It Was a Good Visit

Deerfield-Windsor running back Tony Zenon received a visit today from Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson and offensive line coach Todd Spencer. They met with Tony to talk about his interest in Tech and where they stood with Tony.

Tony Zenon – Running Back Profile

How did the visit go with Coach Johnson and Coach Spencer?

"It was a good visit. Coach Johnson let me know that while he is very interested in me that he didn't have a scholarship to offer right now. He says that he has them out to some players that are committed elsewhere and at positions other than the one I play. He told me that he feels I would be an excellent addition to the program but he didn't have the scholarship to offer. However, he did let me know that if those other plans for the scholarships don't work out that he would be happy to offer me a scholarship."

Did he give you any time frame as to when you might let you know if he could offer the scholarship?

"Yes he did, he said he should know something with in a week or so. He has a time table he likes to follow and would be in contact with me."

How does not getting the offer affect your relationship with Georgia Tech?

"Coach Johnson and all the staff had been very professional with me and very upfront with me the whole time. It would have been exciting to get the offer but I understand how it works."

If the offer does come forth at a later date would Georgia Tech still be in the runningyou're your services?

"Like I said yesterday, it has been a dream of mine to play for Georgia Tech so I feel that I would commit to them if an offer were to come about. I am not 100% on that but I feel I would take it."

What are your plans now?

"I have an official visit to Marshall this weekend and I hope to make a decision on a school after that visit. It was down to Georgia Tech, Marshall, and Georgia Southern, so we'll see what happens after this weekend."

Dale's Take:

Tony was a little disappointed in not getting the offer but he fully understands how recruiting works. His dream is to play for Georgia Tech and that may or may not happen. One thing is for sure, Tony is pleased with the way Coach Johnson and his staff has handled the situation. Top Stories