Ray Drew: "I am keeping my word"

Thomasville Country Central defensive end Ray Drew is being hotly pursued by most schools in the southeast. Today he received a visit from Georgia Tech Coach Paul Johnson and two members of his staff. Ray talks about his visit and his plan to attend Junior Day at one of the in-state schools.

Ray Drew - Profile

What are you current measurables?

"I am 6' 5" and weigh 240 pounds. I have been timed at 4.65 in the forty."

What position do you play on your high school team?

"I played defensive end for TCC."

I understand you had some visitors today?

"Yes sir, I did. Coach Johnson, Coach Spencer, and Coach Brian Jean-Mary came by to talk with me and my parents."

What did they have to say to you?

"We talked about football, college, and other things. They were also here to talk about me coming to their Junior Day."

I know both Georgia Tech and Georgia are holding theirs the same day. What did you tell them?

"I told them that I would be coming to Atlanta for the Junior Day at Georgia Tech."

What made you decide to take in Tech's over the one at Georgia?

"Well, I am a man of my word. Coach Johnson and staff were the first ones to invite me to come and I promised them I was coming so I am keeping my word. My parents want to go up and see Atlanta and what Tech has to offer as do I. I didn't want to go back on my word to Coach Johnson. What we might do is spend the night and then drive over to Athens the next day to see Georgia since we are already that close."

What did you think of the coaches?

"I can tell you that Coach Spence is a character. He is funny and very energetic. Coach Johnson is very down to earth but a man that knows what he wants and how to get it. He's very calm and assured of what he wants. I like him a lot. Coach Brian Jean-Mary was my first meeting with him and I like him too."

How many offers do you have to date?

"I picked up offer number 16 this week from Purdue. Other teams that have offered me are Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, East Carolina, South Carolina, Clemson, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Duke, Tennessee, California and South Florida."

That's an impressive list for a junior. Do you have a top list of schools you like the best?

"No sir, not at all. I am very open at this point in my recruiting process. What my Dad and I plan on doing is taking in different schools for visits such as spring practices and unofficial visits to schools to get better ideas of what each school is like and has to offer."

What will be your criteria for choosing a college?

"The most important thing is education. Some people say it is a four or five year decision but we (Ray and his parents) look at it as a lifetime decision. Also, location is important. I don't mind if the campus is in a big city but to be honest, I am a country boy at heart and prefer a rural setting. School tradition is also very important too. Playing will factor in as well."

Do you plan on making an early decision or use your senior year to decide?

"I will take as much time as I can. I want my decision to be a firm one. I don't want to commit to a school and then de-commit. That's just not how I like to operate. I will use all the time I can and all the information I have at hand to make a very informed decision on my college choice."

I get the sense that your parents will play a big part in your decision, is that correct?

"Yes sir, it is at that. All my life my parents have been going to all my events. I want them to be able to continue to do so. I don't see me making a choice like Hawaii so they can't come see me play. I want to sit down with them and talk it over with them and come to a decision that is best for me and have them able to see me play too. My parents are one of the biggest influences on my life and I want to include them in on my decision. I want them at every game."

Dale's Take:

Ray was a very good interview. He was easy to talk to and had very good answers to each question. We also joked around about different things that goes on in recruiting and how he plans to handle his recruiting process as it gets more intense as I am sure it will considering his talent. Look for many more articles on Ray in the future.

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