Botts – Double Trouble

Tanner and Tyler Botts, identical twins, are Class of 2011 recruits from Peachtree Ridge in suburban Atlanta. Tyler (6'2" 225), a defensive end, plays a little tight end. Tanner (6'2" 230), a linebacker, also plays some tight end. Like most twins they speak with one voice, even during separate interviews.

Tanner Botts – Profile
Tyler Botts – Profile

Tanner and Tyler have attracted a good deal of attention on a very good Peachtree Ridge team. Although no official offers are in hand, they each agreed the following schools have been in touch: Georgia, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Maryland, Virginia Tech, Clemson, South Carolina, Duke and Vanderbilt.

You must be pretty good students?

Tanner: Pretty good, not certain what my GPA is. We just took the SAT.

Tyler: I had a 3.0 last semester.

How big a roll will academics play in choosing a college?

Tanner: Very important.

Tyler: It's #1 on my list.

Will you choose the same school?

Tanner: I will pick the school that is best for me and that may be the same school.

Tyler: I believe we'll each pick the school that's best for us and that may be the same place, but not necessarily.

Have you been invited to some college games this fall?

Tanner: Yes sir. We've seen Georgia, South Carolina, Clemson, Virginia Tech, and Vanderbilt.

Do you have a priority list on how you'll go about picking a school?

Tanner: I think one that is close to home is important to me. But I will eventually decide based on the best (situation) for me.

Tyler: I am also interested in being able to play (start) as quickly as possible.

You mentioned staying close to home. Are the in-state schools of interest?

Tanner: Georgia Tech is pretty high.

Tyler: Actually, our dad was offered a football scholarship to Georgia Tech, but he hurt his knee his senior year of high school and didn't go to college.

Will he play a role in your college decision?

Tanner: Yes sir.

Tyler: Plus our coach…Coach Ballard.

What do you guys do in the offseason to stay in shape?

Tanner: Lacrosse, track, and power lifting.

Tyler: Track, lacrosse and power lifting. Top Stories