A New Hill on the Flats

Over the weekend, Deon Hill, from Phoenix City, AL (Central) visited the Tech campus and committed to the football program. Hill shared the news of his decision on his drive back home from Atlanta, where he completed his official visit Sunday morning.

Deon Hill – running back profile

How does it feel now that the recruiting process is over and you've made your choice known?

"There's a great sense of relief…the pressures off and I'm looking forward to being at Tech in a few months."

What did it come down to for you to select Georgia Tech?

"Tulane was the other school in the running. But, it just felt like home (being on Tech's campus). I'm familiar with the area being only a few hours away and Tech's academics were a big factor in my decision. Plus, I played high school ball with Orwin (Smith, Tech Freshman A-Back)."

You'll be competing against former high school teammate Orwin Smith at the a-back position. How do you feel about that?

"I hope we'll get to play at the same time."

You had a pretty good senior high school football year, what were the results?

"We were 10-2, lost in the second round of the state playoffs and I had 18 touchdowns."

Your numbers are very impressive in and out of the classroom – start with academics.

"Yes sir. I have about a 3.5 GPA and 20 ACT. I'm 6' and about 200 pounds."

Any idea what your major will be?

"Yes sir, either biology or computer engineering. I will be enrolling June."

What's the plan until then?

"I will continue to workout and run track (4 x 100 yd relay)."

When you arrive at Tech, will you be bringing a nickname?

"(Laughing) my boys called me "Spleen" in high school."

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