Mario Sanders is Just Super

At 6'5" 225 pounds, the superlatives fly when referring to Greer (SC) defensive end, Mario Sanders, Class of 2011. He is staying busy in the off-season physically and has a full slate of recruiting activities planned as well.

Mario Sanders – Profile

Now that the football season is over, are you staying busy?

"Yes sir. Besides weight training, I try to stay busy, in shape, and spend a lot of time outside. I also try to eat well and put on some weight."

Have you gotten bigger?

"Yes sir. I've grown about an inch each year for the past few years and put on some weight. I think I have another inch or two in me."

Have you decided what schools you're going to visit for junior days?

"I was just trying to figure that out with my folks. Four of them are on the same day…so we've got some more planning to do."

What happens at junior days?

"It's important that the schools see you in person---that you are 6'5" 225 pounds and not 6' and 150. You get to meet the coaches, take in the atmosphere of the campus and learn more about the school's academics. You also get to meet other kids, who are there as recruits."

Which schools are recruiting you?

"I have an offer from Duke and lately have been getting a lot of contact from about 10-15 schools….Clemson, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Alabama, LSU and East Carolina."

How would you rate the schools at this point?

"Duke is number one, because they've extended an offer. I'd say Georgia Tech is next and then NC State, North Carolina, South Carolina and Vanderbilt."

What's important to you in making the decision?

"Playing time is important, but the real reason for college is education and the level of education I would get is equally important."

Any thoughts on a major?

"I'm focused on computer or electrical engineering or veterinary majors."

That's important as you consider where you would go to college?

"Yes sir. Duke doesn't have a veterinary school, but they told me I could take courses that would qualify for vet school after my undergraduate degree and help me in any way they could to get into a good (vet) school."

How are your grades?

"I have a 3.5 GPA."

You've been to some campuses to see football games?

"Yes sir. I've been to two games each at Duke and Clemson and hope to get to a Georgia Tech game next season. One day we visited the (Georgia Tech) campus and just walked around on our own."

What would be your approach to a situation where you commit to a school and the coach leaves before you sign?

"It's hard if you commit to a school and then there's a change and you don't know the head coach. But you also need to understand the reason you picked the school was primarily for the academics and the education you would get." Top Stories