Not Standing Pat

Greenville, South Carolina's J.L. Mann High School is the home of Pat Martin. The class of 2011 safety also returns kicks for J.L.Mann.

Pat Martin - Profile

You recently got your first scholarship offer. How did that feel?

"It was great. I heard from Minnesota (with an offer) a few days ago. It was my first offer, so that makes it special."

You've heard from more than twenty other schools and the list seems to keep growing. How do you keep track of them?

"Yes sir. Duke and Maryland will be at my school the same day this week with Georgia Tech the next day and then Clemson. Ohio State is also scheduled to visit."

How about Junior Day? Where will you be?

"I will be visiting Georgia. I would like to learn more about their program. The next day I'm going to a basketball game at Clemson."

You mentioned Georgia Tech visiting. Where do they fall in order of interest?

"I'm very high on them. They've remained at the top of my list. But then this week I heard from Miami and Florida and Florida is trying to schedule a visit after my coach sent them some film of me."

When the time comes, how will you decide where you'll go?

"The academics are top priority. If I don't make it in the NFL, I want to be sure to have a good education. Of course, I want to make sure the coach is there for four years and it's important I stay close to home."

Who will help with your decision?

"My mom and my coaches"

How are your grades?

"I have a 3.0 GPA."

What about your measurables?

"I'm 6' 1½" and weigh 210 pounds."

Any idea what you'd like to do if pro football's not in your future?

"I'd like to be a pilot or maybe an astronaut."

One thing's for sure about Pat Martin. His head is in the clouds and his feet are constantly in motion. Top Stories