Great Scott

There is nothing typical about Mitchell County (GA) Justin Scott. He's a speedster on the football field, a scholar in the classroom, and a favorite the fans have dubbed "Mr. Excitement." Justin verbally committed to Stanford late last year, but he has continued to visit other schools.

Justin Scott - Profile

You are an early commit to Stanford, yet you're continuing to investigate and visit other schools?

"Yes sir. Stanford is a fine academic institution with an upcoming football team. But, still I didn't want to turn my back on others out there."

Have you visited their campus?

"No sir. But I have family in San Francisco."

Where has your recruiting taken you?

"I was at the Georgia - South Carolina game and for Junior Day I'll be in Atlanta visiting Georgia Tech with my coach, ex-South Carolina quarterback, Dondrail Pinkins."

It sounds as if you're still open to other schools?

"Yes sir. I'd say in order, Michigan is number two, then Georgia, North Carolina and Missouri."

You'll be at Tech for Junior Day, how about them?

"I'd say they're seventh or eighth on my list."

You seem to stay busy with all your activities.

"Yes sir. I have weight training Monday through Thursday and track starts February 1st. I run the 100, 200, 400 yard dash and long jump. I've run a 10.4 100 (yard dash)."

What position would you like to play in college?

"I'm not sure. I played both sides (offense and defense) in high school"

How about your grades?

"I have a 3.5 GPA and I'll take the SAT this Saturday."

How will you go about making your decision (on where to attend college)?

"My parents and my coach will help. No timetable has been set ‘though." Top Stories