They're Lined Up For Flowers

Hakeem Flowers is one of those gifted student-athletes, who is primarily a star receiver, yet often listed simply as athlete, as he also excels on defense. Class of 2011, he plays at Greenville, South Carolina's Wade Hampton High School. Hakeem discusses his recruitment and what he is looking for in a school.

Hakeem Flowers - Profile

I understand the offers are coming in almost daily. Have you been able to keep track?

"Yes sir. I got another one today and I think that makes 31 offers."

It seems like they come from far and near, from Arkansas to Texas Tech alphabetically and Rutgers to Oregon geographically; any favorites?

"No sir. I'm listening to all of them, but haven't decided on a special one, yet."

Any idea when you might?

"No sir. I'm only a junior, so there's no rush."

Speaking of that, have you decided on where you'll be for Junior Day?

"I'd like to visit Georgia Tech. I've been talking to Coach (Todd) Spencer, but I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get there, because my parents both work on weekends."

What do you think the chances are you'll be there?

"I'd say 50-50. I'd like to meet the coaches and tour the campus."

Have you been to the Tech campus before?

"Yes sir. I was invited to the Georgia Tech - North Carolina game and really enjoyed my time there."

Is Tech among those who have made an offer?

"No sir."

How will you go about deciding where you'll go?

"Academics are Number 1."

You are a good student with a 3.4 GPA; any idea of your major?

"Yes sir, Business Management." Top Stories