Iman Shumpert: "I Like To Switch It Up"

Iman Shumpert will tell you that he's played point guard all his life. Coming back from his knee injury, he's now showing Georgia Tech fans why Coach Paul Hewitt had the faith in him to be the offensive catalyst and point guard on this year's team.

Iman Shumpert - Profile

You had one stretch in the game where you hit a three and then came back with a pull up jumper in transition. Can you tell us about that stretch?

"I should have been attacking the basket a lot more. Coach was staying on me and saying I wasn't pushing the tempo enough. During that stretch I wanted to keep applying the pressure and keep my foot on the gas. We wanted to come out in the second half and make a quick run. We didn't do it so at that point I wanted to keep my foot on the gas and keep everything going."

Coach feels the more you're playing at the point the better you're getting?

"Yeah, it's a little different playing with a shot clock. I can say that but as far as playing point guard that's nothing to me. I've always played point guard."

Is the shooting percentage tonight a result of doing better things on offense?

"I think we were a lot more patient. I think we could have been a lot more patient. Every timeout we had, Zach [Peacock] and D'Andre [Bell] were constantly telling us to be patient, look inside, and get good shots. We did that."

Was it nice to play in a game that wasn't a nail bitter?

"It felt good to have a comfortable win for once. It seems like every game in the ACC is a one or two point game. You have to execute this or execute that. It's good to get up big on a team and keep them where you want them."

How much do you attribute the new hairdo to tonight's performance?

"(Laughter) I like to switch it up a little bit. Hopefully that's the reason we won."

How much did Derrick Favors' blocks help the team to settle down?

"I think it helped a whole lot. He just took the challenge. Derrick and Gani [Lawal] were sort of down on themselves after Florida State saying that they could have come up big. I think today they were just trying to make a statement."

How much of a challenge was it to go up against Ishmael Smith?

"Ish Smith is a handful. Last year it was Jeff Teague. He was a handful too. I have to stand lower in my stance to guard Ish Smith. He was a handful, but it's part of the job."

The team is getting a reputation in the league as being a good defensive team. How does that make you feel?

"We've always taken good pride in our defense. I think last year we were a good defensive team. We just missed a lot of free throws and turned the ball over too much. This year we're making better decisions down the stretch."

Does Brian Oliver have a conscience when it comes to shooting?

"I played in high school with a guy that had the same mentality. I've never seen somebody that is so confident in taking the next shot. He's got the shortest memory ever. Sometimes you don't want him to shoot but you can't knock him for that confidence. If you see him in a shooting drill, you understand why he's shooting every time. When he's aggressive like that, it's a good thing for our offense."

Where do you think this team is now?

"We're good. We have the potential to be really good. When we start to put it together for longer stretches and clean up the little mental lapses, I think we're going to be very good."

Is the team starting to come together?

"Yeah, we know each other pretty well by now. I think at Florida State, we weren't getting any loose balls. Today our huddles were really together. We're starting to come together in the huddles. Our huddles are getting tighter. That's a big part of Zach and D'Andre stepping in. They've been through all this. They're helping us through the little stretches when we're not scoring. They're on us about the little stuff. Our huddle are really a big deal." Top Stories