A Battle & Champion in Tech Future?

It was no surprise that two top 2011 recruits from Americus (GA) Sumter High School were side-by-side in a car heading home from their weekend visit to Atlanta and Georgia Tech Junior Day. Jonathan Battle, 6'1" 280 pound defensive tackle and Kyle Champion, 6'4" 240 pound tight end have been friends since they started playing recreational football.

Jonathan Battle & Kyle Champion - Profiles

How did your Junior Day visit go at Georgia Tech?

Battle: I liked it a lot. I liked the facilities and found the coaches to be very friendly and down-to-earth. I talked with Coach (Charles) Kelly one-on-one and also had some time with Coach Johnson. I was really impressed with their facilities, especially the weight room.

Champion: It was a great day. I enjoyed everything about it including my time with the coaches. My mom (who accompanied them) did, too.

You got to meet some others in for Junior day?

Battle: Yes sir. I'd say there were about 30 or 40. I knew a few from before, but it was nice to meet some others and talk with them.

How was it left with you when the Junior day was over?

Battle: Coach Kelly told me he likes the way I play and I'm hoping to hear something from him about coming to Tech.

Champion: Coach Kelly said to stay in touch and I plan on calling him soon.

What are your past experiences with Georgia Tech?

Champion: I was here for the Wake Forest game this season and it was exciting seeing them play in person.

Battle: I remember coming to one of their games when I was 11 or 12 (years old). I was supposed to be here for a game, but my injury kept me from making the trip. I'm a big fan of Tech's and follow the in-state schools (in football).

Do you plan to go to the same school?

Champion: Yes sir. We hope we can be a package deal.

Battle: At this point, we are counting on going to the same school.

Are you competitive with each other?

Champion: Yes sir. Everything. Even video games.

You both have been on the basketball team at Sumpter, but that didn't quite work out this year.

Battle: No sir. I tore my ACL during football season and I'm still rehabbing. I've got about six more weeks before it's supposed to be healed.

How are your grades?

Battle: I have about a 3.5 GPA.

Champion: I have a 3.8 or 3.9 (GPA). I got my first B in high school in December and it hurt a bit. I think I'm number eight in my class (of 250).

Any thoughts on a college major?

Battle: I'm not sure.

Champion: I am leaning toward electrical engineering.

What will the next few months of school be like?

Battle: I'm concentrating on rehabbing my knee and will have to skip track.

Champion: I'll be doing weight training.

What are your summer plans?

Battle: It depends on my knee, but I'd love to come to the Tech summer camp.

Champion: I hope to get to a few camps—Georgia Tech, Georgia, FSU and Alabama.

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