"Blue's" Third Trip to Tech

Ryan Thomas is a 6'4" 265 pound offensive lineman, Class of 2011, at Gainesville, FL Bucholz High School. He made his third trip to Georgia Tech, this time to attend Junior Day.

Ryan Thomas - Profile

How did you like your time at Junior Day?

"I liked everything about it. I have been here for two games (Wake Forest and Virginia Tech)."

Did you leave with any impressions?

"Yes sir. I think Georgia Tech is one of the top schools in the country when you combine their academics with their football."

How much time was spent on discussing academics this trip?

"They did a pretty thorough job and took 20-30 minutes on that topic."

Did you get to meet the coaches?

"I spent some time with Coach (Mike) Sewak and Coach (Todd) Spencer."

How are your grades?

"I have a 4.02 GPA."

Do you have any offers?

"Not yet. I've heard from a number of schools though, like Georgia, NC State, Cincinnati, Syracuse, and of course, Georgia Tech."

How will you go about deciding your college choice?

"My dad will help me. I'd like to stay in the Southeast with a BCS (Conference) School. The North doesn't interest me very much."

You live in Gainesville and, at least at one time, seemed to favor the (Florida) Gators. That resulted in a strange nickname, didn't it?

"Yes sir. When I was a freshman, I guess I used wear a lot of Gators stuff (blue and orange), so one of my coaches (who didn't know my name), just called me, "Blue." And that's stuck."

What's on tap for the summer?

"I'll be at the Georgia Tech football camp again."

What's the team outlook for this coming Fall?

"We should be pretty good; I think we have 18 starters coming back after a rebuilding season."

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