Jeff Dyson Favors GT Following Jr Day

Thomasville junior running back Jeff Dyson was in Atlanta on Saturday for Georgia Tech's Junior Day.

Thomasville junior running back Jeff Dyson was in Atlanta on Saturday for Georgia Tech's Junior Day.

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Jeff Dyson, a 5'8" 160-pound speedster from Thomasville HS, spent Saturday in Atlanta and loved every minute of it. "It was great," he said. "I loved it. The campus and the atmosphere were both awesome. The love the coaches showed was like we had already committed. I loved that."

Dyson said he was able to talk with coaches a lot, attend position meetings, view the campus and dorms, and watch a really great highlight video at the end. But the most important thing for Dyson might have been his conversation with Coach Paul Johnson. "It was good; we talked a lot about grades and what may be coming up in the future as far as coming to Georgia Tech. Coach said I have to finish the semester strong and we'd go from there." Jeff said the conversation with Coach Johnson was very encouraging in that he is going to work very hard in the classroom this semester in order to get to Georgia Tech. "It was very encouraging," he said, "because I love the school very much."

Coach Todd Spencer has been the recruiting coach for Dyson, and they get along really well. Dyson says about Coach Spencer, "I like him a lot. He's silly."

Georgia Tech was Dyson's first Junior Day experience. He says the only other one he will attend is at Georgia in February. He has been to Florida and Georgia before, as well as Tech. Jeff was quick to respond when asked where Tech might stack up on his list of schools. "Oh man, number one. I want to be there!"

One might assume that the fact that Dyson's teammate, Fred Holton, who is headed to Georgia Tech, might be influential in his love for Tech. Their assumption would be correct. "Fred's my boy, my close friend. He also has a heavy influence with me on Georgia Tech."

Dyson would project as an A-back in Tech's potent option attack. He believes he would thrive in it. "It's basically what we run at my high school. It wouldn't be hard to adapt. I like to block," he said. "Their offense can't be stopped."

Jeff says he doesn't have a timetable for when he'd like to be done with recruiting. He said academics will be the most important thing when choosing a school. "Then how I bond with the coaches and how tight the team is will be important, too. I also want the team to have goals for winning championships." Top Stories