Bryan Chamberlain: I Will Be Coming Back

Offensive lineman Bryan Chamberlain of Monroe High School in Albany, Georgia visited Georgia Tech today for their Junior Day.

Bryan Chamberlain - Profile

How did the visit to Georgia Tech's Junior Day go?

"It was very fine. We had a great time at Georgia Tech today. Everyone there made me feel really wanted. The coaches are very good and communicated with us extremely well. I came away with the feeling that I wouldn't mind it at all if I played for Georgia Tech."

What did you get to do?

"We toured the campus, talked with academic people, and saw the facilities. The coaches talked to us about how much they stress academics at Georgia Tech. Coach (Todd)Spencer also told me that I was one of the few players he was recruiting right now and that he really wanted me at Georgia Tech. He has seen film on me and said I was what they were looking for. He also said that he very glad that I came to Tech's Junior Day."

What was your favorite part of the day?

"I really loved sitting in on the position meetings. I loved how they lay out the offense for the lineman and tell them what they expect from them to play on the offensive line."

What position do you play for Monroe?

"I play left offensive tackle and Coach Spencer and Coach (Mike) Sewak said I was exactly what they wanted in an offensive tackle. They told me that offensive tackle is where they would want me to play at Georgia Tech."

What schools have been recruiting you the most?

"Right now it seems like Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Valdosta State are the main ones."

After today's visit do you have a favorite?

"Yes sir I sure do. Georgia Tech is my leader and favorite right now. They have everything I am looking for in a college.

What exactly would be the criteria for your college choice?

"Academics are the main thing. I want a great education, something that will prepare me for the next forty to fifty years of my life. I also want a good football program to be a part of the equation. That is why Georgia Tech is my leader; they have the best of both."

Did the coaches invite you back for spring practice?

"Yes sir they did. They will be holding them in March and I will be coming back up to watch them."

How would you rate the visit?

"I'd give it an 8 for today's visit."

Brian was very excited about the trip today. Both him and his parents had a great time at Georgia Tech and his Mom was very pleased with what see saw. You could sense it in Brian's voice that today's visit was something that he really enjoyed and even has Tech as his leader by far after Junior Day at Georgia Tech. Top Stories