GT Offers Quincy McKinney At Junior Day

Carver-Columbus junior offensive lineman McKinney received some promised good news on Saturday when he visited Georgia Tech.

Quincy McKinney - Profile

Quincy McKinney knew it was likely coming. His recruiting coach at Georgia Tech, Charles Kelly, had told him if he came to the Junior Day that they would offer him in person.

"I met up with Coach Kelly, and he greeted me. He had told me if I came up for Junior Day, that they'd offer me. So, I met with Coach Paul Johnson. He gave me my (offer) letter and I was all happy and stuff," Quincy explained as he laughed. "He said this is what you want and I'm a man of my word. I was excited."

The Georgia Tech offer isn't the first for McKinney. He has also been offered a scholarship by Duke, Clemson, North Carolina, Southern Miss, and Maryland. The Junior Day trip to Atlanta was also not his first one.

"I also went to Auburn last week. I was impressed with their facilities and stuff. That was my third time going there. It's only a half hour away. I went to their game with West Virginia where it rained. It was crazy. But yeah, I like Auburn, too."

So, as previously mentioned, after Auburn his next trip was Georgia Tech where he got an offer. He really felt home in Atlanta.

"Tech, they just greeted me. I just felt like I was really wanted there. Coach Sewak and Coach Spencer (offensive line coaches), they just came up and were talking to me the whole time, I just felt like I was at home. That's what I really like, it's the number one thing for choosing a school, is feeling comfortable and all that. Coach Paul Johnson, we were getting all "fool" together just having a good conversation. That's really important."

This month, Quincy says he'll likely take in Junior Days at Clemson and Georgia. He'll be looking for other things besides his most important factor of "comfortability," and he actually talked about those things in relation to Georgia Tech.

"The program's reputation is important. I like a good program. If they're building up that's fine, but I like a school with a good reputation. Georgia Tech has a nice reputation for football and all that. I like to run block and they do that, too. I like their offense. We run the spread at my high school; the triple option would be a little change but it'd be fine."

McKinney says his favorite schools right now are Georgia Tech, Clemson, Duke, North Carolina, and Southern Miss. He has no leader, noting that all of the schools are equal, and he would like to make his decision by sometime in the fall.

He attended's combine in Duluth on Sunday and ran the shuttle drill in 4.47. That's pretty impressive for a guy who said he just got measured at 6'3" and 298 pounds. Top Stories