Barron Dixon: "I Enjoyed My Time on Campus"

Barron Dixon, Class of 2011, is one of several standout footballers at suburban Atlanta's Chattahoochee High School. Barron spent the weekend attending Georgia Tech's Junior Day and the combine in Duluth, Georgia.

Barron Dixon - Profile

What are your thoughts after spending Junior Day at Georgia Tech?

"I liked it a lot. I enjoyed my time on campus. Tech is a very good school. One of the highlights was spending time with the coaches. Coach Paul Johnson is very straight forward and I enjoyed talking to him. Plus, he's a very good coach."

Have you been on the Tech campus before?

"Yes sir, I was there for the summer football camp last year and attended the Georgia-Georgia Tech game."

How was the Scout combine?

"It was really well organized and I got to see some people I know and got to meet some others I'll be competing against."

You sound like a people person?

"Yes sir. I'm a character. One time this season my coach went up to the press box (to coach during practice) because it was so cold. I had one of my teammates call him down and snuck up there and hid. When he got back (up there), I jumped out and think I really scared him.

Have you gotten any offers?

"Yes sir. Ole Miss and my coach tells me Michigan State. I may go to the Ole Miss (summer) camp this year."

With more offers surely to come, have you set a time when you'll make your decision?

"Yes sir, but I want to weigh all my options first; probably next season. One of the things Coach Johnson told us was that if you get an offer from a school you want, take it, and don't wait too long."

What are your priorities when it comes to choosing a school?

"Number one is playing time. I don't have to start as a freshman, but by my sophomore year I'd like to think that's where I'd be. Number two is academics and number three is location, although I don't think I'd limit myself. I like the in-state schools, but there are also a lot of great schools out there.

What are some of your vital statistics?

"My GPA is just under a 3.0 and I hope to get that up. I was checked at the combine and I'm 6'3" and 260 pounds."

Do you have any idea where you're projected to play in college?

"My coach is going to try me at linebacker. I played defensive end last year."

Off the field, Dixon is a fun loving teenager, albeit a very good-sized one. But on the field he's all business. Time will tell where he does his business and shows his fun-loving side. Top Stories