Drew Visits In-State Schools

Ray Drew was invited to two Junior Days on January 30th. He visited Georgia Tech's Junior Day and then visited Athens to see Georgia while he was in the area.

Ray Drew - Profile

How did the trip to Georgia Tech's Junior Day go?

"It went really well to tell you the truth. When we first arrived Coach Paul Johnson was there to welcome us to Georgia Tech. Next Chaplain (Derrick) Moore spoke to us. He was very good. We then went position meetings. I had a chance to see what Coach (Al) Groh wants to implement and how I would fit into his scheme. We then toured the campus which was surprising because of the fact that I thought everything would be so spread out but everything is fairly close together. I liked that part of the campus."

What else did you get a chance to do?

"We also went over to Bobby Dodd Stadium and I got my first look at the stadium. I was told that even though it only sits about 55,000 people that it is very loud and an intimidating place to play. I liked the uniqueness of the stadium."

What would you say was the high point of your trip?

"I would say that the position meetings where the best to me as I got a chance to talk with Coach Johnson, Coach (Todd) Spencer, and Coach Groh. I got a chance to ask them some questions and get some answers. I liked the chance we got to have some one on one time."

Was the trip one you would say is a favorable one?

"Yes sir, you can say that. They always say that your first impression is one that lasts the longest and this first impression of Georgia Tech was a very good one."

I understand you went over to Athens on Sunday?

"Yes sir, we decided since we were already up that way to take in a trip to Athens since it is such a long drive."

How was that trip?

"It was good too. My first stop there was to see Mrs. Kilpatrick who is over the academics for athletes. We talked about academics at Georgia. We then went over to the recreation center and to check it out as I heard great things about it. We then went to see the athletic dorms and I talked with the place kicker for Georgia. After that we went over to the Butts-Mehre building and talked to Coach (Todd) Grantham. He told me how I would fit into the defense at Georgia. He told me the position that they wanted me to play and how I would fit in. Finally I talked with Coach (Mark) Richt and we talked about academics and the depth chart at Georgia. He took us over to Sanford Stadium and took us out onto the field and had them flash the lights and play season highlights on the video board. Also, while we were there they had a dinner that we paid to eat and they had everything there, burgers, hot dogs, and breakfast. That was nice."

Sounds like you had a good time at both places. Which one would you say was the best for you?

"I really enjoyed both places a lot. Georgia Tech had their Junior Day and there were a lot of people there and a lot going on. At Georgia it was more of just me and the coaches and for that reason only I would have to say the Georgia trip was a bit better. No other reason other than just the one on one contact."

Will this be a situation where you feel you might have to rule one of the state schools out over the other?

"No sir, like you say they are both state schools and I feel it would be great to play for either one. If both are recruiting me hard right up until I make my decision, I will be considering both schools."

What lies ahead for you?

"I have been invited to Alabama's Junior Day on the 20th and I might do the same thing I did with Tech and Georgia, go to Alabama for their Junior Day and then drive over to Auburn and take in their campus and meet the coaches. Do another two for one trip. Also, both Tech and Georgia have invited me to spring practices and I think I will be going to both. I'm not real sure how I will handle it but I would like to visit both schools' practices.

Dale's Take:

Ray had a busy weekend and had a very good time at both places. I think with Ray it will come down to which school he bonds with the best during his recruiting process. He is very impressed with both defensive coordinators in Coach Groh and Coach Grantham and that will play a big part in his recruiting. Look for a good battle for Ray's services.

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