Signing Day Switch for 4 Star CB

Louis Young from Onley, Maryland is's 11th ranked cornerback in the country. He has been a verbal commit to Stanford since December 21st of 2009, but on Wednesday he announced a National Signing Day switch to Georgia Tech.

News recently has been circulating that Louis Young was opening up his recruitment and several major schools where lined up to get his services. It just so happened that a former coach recruiting him since the 10th grade caught his eye and steered him to a more southern destination.

You recently opened up your recruitment?

"Yes sir I have because Stanford was asking me to stay committed to them but come in on the next signing period, like a grey shirt would do. I wasn't too happy with that and I talked it over with my parents and we decided that it might be best to open it back up and look for a better fit. I have a lot of schools that I was looking at. Schools like Virginia, Miami, Notre Dame, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Virginia Tech, and Boston College. But I have decided on another school and have committed to them, Georgia Tech."

How did you arrive at deciding on Georgia Tech?

"To tell you the truth it is an interesting story. I wasn't really thinking about Georgia Tech that much until Coach Groh was up here visiting Jeremiah Attaochu and he came over to my high school to talk to my coach. Coach Groh had been recruiting me since I was in the 10th grade while he was the Virginia coach. I was walking down the hall and decided to go over and stop by my high school coach's office and talk to them. Coach Groh told me that he was there just to tell me that he is still interested in me but he wasn't going to hound me to come down to Georgia Tech. He told me he has always wanted to coach me since he started recruiting me in the 10th grade and he then said that if something changed to give him a call and he gave me his new number at Georgia Tech. I really respected him even more as a man when he said that. I already respected him a lot as a coach and this cemented my thoughts about him altogether."

What happened next?

"Well I gave Coach Groh a call and he invited me down for an official visit this past weekend. Not many people knew I was going to make this visit and I kind of wanted it to stay that way too. Let me tell you we really enjoyed the visit a lot! We had a chance to tour everything at Tech and learn a lot about the school. The visit was so good that on Sunday morning after breakfast my parents and I went to sit with the coaches and talk. I asked Coach Johnson what was the next step. He said that if I wanted to commit to Georgia Tech just to tell him and that would be it until signing day and I sign my letter of intent. I reached into my bag and put on a Georgia Tech hat and told all the coaches that I was committing and we all shook hands and hugged. I mean the visit was so good that I knew I was going to commit that weekend. To top it off my parents were very impressed with everything there too and that was another thing that was important to me."

What was it about Georgia Tech that made the decision so easy?

"The academics and the football reputations speak for themselves. The school is in the top ten in the majors they offer and they put a lot of people in great jobs. I know that I want the best education I can get and Tech has a great academic reputation around the country and world with the companies that hire. The team has been to 12 or 13 straight bowls and won the ACC in Coach Johnson's second year and he is expecting bigger and better things for the future. Add that with Coach Groh coming in with his defensive mind and ability to coach up players to get into the NFL, I mean how could I pass up that opportunity? I know Coach Groh and Coach Johnson's defensive staff can coach a player up to be the best they can be. Plus coach Groh has coached on some Super Bowl winners too and he knows his defense just like Coach Johnson knows his offense, what a great combination. I also love the campus and the city of Atlanta. It reminded me of Washington D.C which is very close by to where I live and I really like that aspect."

Have you let any other people know about this?

"No sir the first time someone will know for sure will be at 8:00 AM on signing day when I announce that I am going to Georgia Tech. I wanted to keep this quiet until then so I would have to go through the process all over one more time."

Are you holding a ceremony at your high school?

"Yes sir we are. We have 9 players signing that day from our team so we will have a big ceremony for all of us."

Nine players from one team is a very good. You must have had a great season last year?

"Yes sir we did. We lost one game during the season but went on to become champions on our last year. It was pretty ironic that the previous year we went undefeated during the regular season but lost in the title game. So the roles kind of reversed themselves from my junior year and senior year."

Do you have a nickname?

"(Laughing) yes sir I do. They call me Sweet Lou."

Dale's Take:

Louis (or Lou) was very relieved to get his recruiting over. He thought it was over when he committed to Stanford but they threw him a curve ball and he didn't bite on it and decided to look elsewhere. First thing, he wanted to find the fit of great academics and football. His family values his education and Louis feels with the right coaching, he can have a good shot at going to the next level. When he found out that Coach Groh took over as defensive coordinator at Georgia Tech, it opened his eyes to looking at the Yellow Jacket and the rest is history now. Top Stories