Hewitt: "It Comes Down to Preparation"

The nineteenth ranked Georgia Tech basketball team faces a tough task this Thursday evening when they travel to Durham to play Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Coach Paul Hewitt talks about that daunting task.

How do you gauge that a team is ready to go into a place like Cameron Indoor?

"Having the extra days to prepare has been very helpful. We've spent a lot of time working on their sets and creating some of the scenarios that could happen in a game. I just comes down to your preparation."

Have you been preparing for the crowd noise?

"Maybe (laughter); we may have had some crowd noise here."

I don't imagine you expect (Kyle) Singler to have the same type of shooting day that he had in the first game?

"He's too good a player to have two bad shooting days, especially at home. All three of their perimeter players have been lights out from the three point line. They are a different team at home."

Do you feel the team has the experience to win big games?

"This team's already won some big games so far this year. These guys keep getting better and better. One of the things I like about our team is the development of Glen Rice and Brian Oliver. They're starting to become more consistent in terms of their offensive and defensive production."

Is (Jon) Scheyer the primary concern with Duke?

"He is definitely the primary concern. There's no doubt about that. He was the primary concern the first game. I'm sure they know that and figured that out. We have to do a good job of making him work for everything he gets."

How important is this game to separate yourselves from the middle of the pack?

"I think it's very important. We had an opportunity to separate ourselves a little bit against Florida State and we didn't take advantage of it. Here's another opportunity that presents itself."

The first time against Duke Zach (Peacock) and Iman (Shumpert) had off games. I guess you don't expect that to happen this time?

"We know we have to play a lot better. I know our effort was great and our defense was good. We did some things on the defense. Offensively we weren't as smooth as we need to be. They are a different team in that building. They shoot the ball much better. They're much more explosive offensively. They force more turnovers. We're going to have to play better."

How important has it been to have D'Andre Bell staring to contribute on the offensive end?

"He has a great midrange game and he has the type of game that really compliments what our big guys, Brian, and Iman do. If he can keep playing like that it makes us a much better team."

Will you pressure them on the road like you did at home?

"We'll press on the road if we think it's the right thing to do. We pressed at Florida State and I think it was pretty effective. If it's the right thing to do then I think we'll press on Thursday night as well."

Did you see some things from the first game that you thought you could do better?

"Shoot the ball better and Iman can take care of it better. The big thing with Duke is you have to match or surpass their effort. They play so hard and they execute so well in the half-court. Those are just effort things. In terms of tactical things, not really."

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