Jon Lee Chooses The Air Force Academy

Apalachee running back Jon Lee wanted a scholarship offer from Georgia Tech. When one wasn't available, Jon, with the help of the Georgia Tech coaching staff, received and accepted an offer to play for The Air Force Academy.

Jon Lee - Profile

I understand you made a verbal commitment?

"Yes sir I sure did. I gave Air Force my commitment last night. It felt good to get my recruitment over?

Last time we talked it seems like Navy was a little ahead. What made Air Force the place for you?

"I went on a visit to Air Force and I really liked it there. They say that you get that feeling when you know a place is the right place for you and while I was there, I had this great feeling the whole time. I just felt at home and real comfortable there. It was easy to decide after that. Army was recruiting real hard at the end. They really wanted me to come in and play for them but I felt Air Force was the place for me."

Are you holding a signing day function?

"Yes sir I am. At 9:00 AM at my school on Wednesday we will hold a little ceremony at my high school."

What do you parents think of you entering into the Air Force?

"My mom is real excited for me. She is in the Army but she wanted me to go Air Force as she says that Air Force has the best facilities and help for incoming recruits. Knowing that made my decision even easier to make. I'm sure we will have some fun with each other being in a different service."

Are you heading straight into the Academy or going to Prep School?

"They told me I could come straight into the Academy but I am going to go to prep school my first year. I'll use it as my red shirt year. It will help me not only in getting stronger and better conditioned as an athlete but I can use that year to get familiar with the rigors of military life and get ahead on my military career and not use a year of my football time limit."

Dale's Take:

Jon was one of my favorite recruits to talk with over this years recruiting process. He had a dream of playing for Georgia Tech but took a negative and made a huge positive out of it and really appreciated how the Georgia Tech coaches handled his recruitment on their end. He feels that Coach Paul Johnson and Coach (Jeff) Monken got the service academies interested in him. and got him a scholarship to Air Force and for that he is very thankful. Jon handled this process extremely well and his outcome was one that he likes very much. Top Stories