Ralph Cooper Gets an Offer

Fairfield Central, South Carolina linebacker Ralph Cooper is starting to get interest from division one schools. Ralph recently visited Georgia Tech for their Junior Day and is making plans to visit others.

Ralph Cooper - Profile

How is your recruiting coming along?

"It is coming along real good. I have four new schools showing me interest in the past few weeks."

What schools are they?

"They are Tennessee who sent me a questionnaire to fill out. Oregon has been sending me letters. Stanford has asked for my transcripts which my coach has sent to them. Finally North Carolina State has been sending me mail too."

Have you been to any Junior Days?

"Yes sir I sure have. I went to the one at Georgia Tech a week ago. It was a great trip. When we got there we got a tour of the campus. I've seen the school at games but this was my first tour of the whole campus. It was a nice setting. We saw the dorms where will be staying if we come to Georgia Tech. I got a chance to talk to the coaches and met the new defensive coordinator, Coach (Al) Groh. I was told he is a great linebacker coach and has coached a lot of NFL linebackers both when they were in college and at the NFL level. I was sorry to see Coach Brian Jean-Mary leave though but it looks like Coach Groh will be a great addition."

Have you been invited to any other Junior Days?

"Nothing definitely yet but both Clemson and North Carolina State has sent me some mail about coming to theirs. I know that Clemson is on the 20th of this month so I am keeping my options open and will make some decisions real soon. One thing I do know for sure is that on May 22nd I will be attending the Nike camp being held in Alabama."

How many offers do you have right now?

"I have my one offer and that is from Georgia Tech. They are the first offer and the one that will always remember."

Would you consider Georgia Tech your leader then?

"I will say this, they are my leader right now as they are recruiting me the hardest and my first offer. But I will keep my options open as it is very early in my recruiting process. I know Georgia Tech is very interested as they have invited me to any and all of their spring practices and send me a lot of mail too."

What are you doing now that football season is over?

"I am playing basketball to stay in playing shape and will run track as soon as it starts up. I will also hit the weights and do what it takes to get stronger for my senior year."

How does you senior year look to you?

"We've moved into a new region so it will be interesting. I think we can make a strong run at a state title. I hope we can do well so the seniors can go out on top."

Are there many seniors on this year's team?

"No sir, not many."

Are you one that the other players look up to for leadership and inspiration?

"I guess you could say that. I try to do what it takes for us to win."

Dale's Take:

I get the feeling that Georgia Tech is a school that Ralph is very interested in attending. He talks about how much they are recruiting him and how Tech was the first to offer him and that was something that meant a lot to him. He will listen to other schools but I feel that Tech has the inside track on the very good linebacker from South Carolina.

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